Rapier Timetable

Final, updated Rapier Timetable 2016 is now here!

Notes about Fencing at Rowany Festival: http://lochac.sca.org/rapier/index.php/Rowany_Festival


War Scenarios

War scenarios are planned around the second largest viking town during the viking period, and two “Jarls” fighting over who owns it.

The first day starts with a bar brawl including archers, and ends with a scenario I have dubbed “I want my pig back, no that’s my pig” – think Viking village crossed with Night of the Long Knives

The second day start and finish with an all out town battle for control of the town, with some bridge, fjord and wall battles thrown in for flavour.


Archery Activities

In general there will be at least one scheduled event each day, either in the morning, or afternoon, with the range usually available for practice in the morning or afternoon time that doesn’t have a competition on. Morning slots will run from after court to 1pm.

Afternoon slots from 2pm to 5pm (open for practice if the competition finishes early).

Note for morning events/practices: The archery range will be closed until after morning court has ended each day (except Monday which doesn’t have a morning court). It’s supremely difficult to reward archers for their skill when they are skipping court to go shoot instead! As soon as the Herald says “court has ended”, you’re good to go open the range.

This year’s archery events are brought to you by the Lochac Company of Archers!

There may still be a few additional shoots to be scheduled in but for now:
Thursday am – Provisionally open for practice
Thursday pm – Clout with the Honourable Lady Angele
Friday am – Provisionally open for practice – there’s war on
Friday pm – Combat archer games with Angele
Saturday am – Possibly closed due to Market? otherwise practice.
Saturday pm – IKAC with the Honourable Lord Ulric of Ambledune
Sunday am – Novelty shoot with the Honourable Lord Sigmund Spelmann – good for newcomers. War is also on.
Sunday pm – Provisionally open for practice
Monday am – King’s Round with Don Alessandro von Florenz
Monday pm – Queen’s Round with Ulric

There’s also going to be a children’s Monster Hunt shoot, 4pm Sunday, with the Honourable Lord Ranif Pallesser.