AS2016 A&S timetable

Time GREAT HALL A&S 1 A&S 2 – Meeting pavilion OTHER
10:00 Nalbinding 1
Jeneur le Geline
11:00 List Keeping 101 Shoe making tools
Eleanora de la Birche William de Wyke
13:00 Voice Heraldry 101 Bardic Circle Songbook Project Scotland pre 1066
Merione French John Biasutti Cairistiona Inghean Raghnaill
14:00 Feast Logistics Basket Weaving
Brigid Blodeuwydd (Officers’ tent)
15:00 Interrogating Items for Research Drawing Animals – Workshop Nalbinding 2
Sophia van Dorne Tailltiu ghoirt ruaidh Jeneur le Geline
16:00 Family Papers Constables Meeting
katherine kerr
17:00 Chirurgeonate Meeting
9:00 SCAA Ltd AGM
10:00 SCAA Ltd AGM
11:00 Basic Mead Brewing Making bristles and waxed thread for shoe making Op-Shopping with Lavinia
Iseobail (Taryn) William de Wyke Lavinia of the Tyrol
13:00 Bayeaux Stitches The Market Wallet
Jadwiga Jeneur le Geline
14:00 Viking Treasure Necklaces Come and See my Undies General Finance Meeting Towards a more period campsite
Marozia moglie de Basilio Bracciolini Nimue Rowan Peregrine (Atelier/Forge Campsite)
15:00 Singing Rounds from the Lant Roll Illuminate a Capital Letter – Workshop Reeve Meeting
Crispin Sexi Tailltiu ghoirt ruaidh
16:00 Wear Your Pearls Like a Queen Company Of Archers
Maelmuire ingen Alpin
17:00 Dance Musician gathering Medieval Academic Dress
Jeneur le Geline Annabelle Perrot
9:00 Market An Introduction to the College of Heralds
Brian dorcha ua Conaill
10:00 Market Equestrian Round Table
Jon Dai
11:00 Market Patterning Hose Pelican Meeting
Hugh de Calais
12:00 Pelican Meeting
13:00 Rise of the Actress in Italian Improvised Theatre
Malcom Patersone (Jolly Duke Tavern)
14:00 AS50 Display Bellydance Viking Beads
Miriam bat Shimeon Cecily de Montgomery
15:00 AS50 Display Seneschal Meeting
16:00 AS50 Display A Brief Look at Russian Clothing Rose Tea
Natal’ia Vladimirova ‘doch
17:00 Rose Tea
9:00 Types of Axes and Their Uses MoD Meeting
Hugh de Calais
10:00 Broiderer’s Meeting (WCoB) Patterning the Russian Costume
Natal’ia Vladimirova ‘doch
11:00 Mamluk Embroidery The butted seam for shoemakers How to Pick your Sources
Miriam bat Shimeon William de Wyke Marozia moglie de Basilio Bracciolini
12:00 Children’s Ball
13:00 Caroso Ball English, and how it got that way Herb and Garden Guild Meeting
Brian dorcha ua Conaill
14:00 Caroso Ball It’s all pretty much Running Stitch Laurel Meeting
Sophia van Dorne
15:00 Medieval Mustards Laurel Meeting
16:00 Hand Sewing Techniques
Yolande Kesteven
10:00 Mosaic history and technique Nalbinding 1 Chivalry Meeting
Rowan Peregrine Jeneur le Geline
11:00 Tips and Tricks to improve your Embroidery The simple board and wedge last Chivalry Meeting
Muirghein William de Wyke
13:00 Make your own Viking hood
Lavinia of the Tyrol
14:00 Late 15thC linen headdresses
Annabelle Perrot
15:00 Nalbinding 2
Jeneur le Geline