Festival has a lot of activities and a lot of services. Here are the descriptions of various activities found on the Timetables, as well as services that aren’t listed elsewhere.


Arts & Sciences (A&S)

Collegia: Rowany Festival is host to a vast array of classes and workshops on all manner of arts, crafts and sciences practiced during the middle ages. These will be mostly conducted in the Arts and Sciences pavilions, with an area for artisans to come together and work on their projects (look for the A&S banners).

Timetables, location, updates and a short description of the classes and workshops will be available on the Festival website. The final collegia schedule will be available at the Gate, Officers noticeboard and outside the A&S pavilions.

If you are interested in teaching a class or a workshop, or need further information please contact the A&S Officer. EMAIL ADDRESS TO COME SOON

Forge and Furnace Area
This is a call for all and anyone who would like to be part of the forge/furnace area during Festival 2016. The area is for such things as blacksmithing, casting, wire making etc. Anyone with a ‘dirty’ A&S focus is welcome! Others who have expressed an interest include potters, jewellers, woodworkers and glassmakers as well, so this is not just a metalworking area.
As an indication, our current equipment will be (subject to change!):
Furnace and great bellows (a secondary bellows may also be available)
Wire drawing bench
Leg vice and stand
Anvil and stand (one small, one large)
Grinding stone/wheel
Possible: small gas furnace
Woodworking tools (planes, axes, drills, augers, saws)
Metalworking tools (hammers, files)
Casting paraphernalia (crucibles, sandcasting moulds, ladles)

Elisabet’s Handspun Emporium: In addition to a merchants stall, this is a space where people can come and informally share fibre skills. There will be spindles and fleece, lucets etc. for people to try.

Laurel Prize: The Companions of the Order of the Laurel host this forum, a chance for anyone who makes things or performs in the SCA to display their skills. It is an opportunity to show the Laurels and the populace what you are doing, to receive feedback and to share information and skills. You may display anything at all that pertains to the SCA or its period (finished or unfinished).

Laurel Prize will be held as per the Festival timetable. Viewing of the display in the first hour will be restricted to Companions of the Order only.

You can see some photos of previous displays here: http://history.lochac.sca.org/event/festival/laurelprize
If you have any further questions please contact Master Crispin Sexi at crispin@homemail.com.au


Boars Head Theatre: from 8.00pm on Monday night in the Tavern after closing court. Come along and enjoy the singing, acrobatics, jestering, and oratory in a relaxed atmosphere!
No Disney, no ‘courtly music’. Short, entertaining presentations of various style welcome. Want to perform? Talk to Mistress Margie of Glen Mor.

Courtly Music Recital:
The skillful bard can entertain in any venue, to any audience…but have you ever wished for a quieter one? This Festival, we welcome harpists, the soft-voiced, and complex repertoire to a Courtly Music Recital. It will be in daylight – no torches required to see your music! It will be in a quiet area – no chance of losing your voice! It will be before dinner – the audience will (probably) not be drunk! Come one, come all, to listen and to perform, whether instrumentally or vocally, musically or dramatically. Bring out that repertoire that was never quite right for a campfire, and let me know what you’d like to perform!
Talk to Gwen verch David (see Contacts page)

Musical Jam session: For all those musicians who just love to play in a less formal setting. All welcome.

Village Green At Night

Looking for something to do on the cool nights of Rowany Festival? Come and join us on the Village Green for some fun and frivolity.
On Thursday and Sunday nights there will be games for all to join in. (Sunday will start straight after the Fighter Auction)
For your Saturday night spectacular, The Landed Baronesses from across the Kingdom have chosen combatants to demonstrate their prowess in a Fire Tournament demo starting at 8pm.

Bardic circle:

Singing by the fire next to the Great Hall, for all to listen or join in. Meet at 5pm most nights.

The Good Friday Ball: Dance the night away at The Good Friday Ball in the Great Hall. This ball has a country flavour, run along the lines of the normal SCA ball. All dances are eligible (at least those that the musicians know or can be given music for) including SCA inventions, post 1651 dances and those listed in the playlist for the Caroso Ball. Please bring your own chair (if you think you’ll sit down).

The Caroso Ball: Provisionally this will be held on Sunday evening in the Great Hall. This ball is an attempt to recreate the sort of event implied by the description in the etiquette sections of Caroso’s Nobilta ‘di Dame, which is a dance manual published in Italy in 1600. A few adaptations have been made, but the object is to provide as real an experience as possible of attending an aristocratic dance party in the late 16th Century.

How it works:

  • You will notice that there are chairs around the dance floor. By standing, you declare your interest in being asked to dance. If you want to only watch, please sit in  the chairs. Feel free to move yourselves, and chairs if necessary, between locations.
  • If you’re interested in dancing, please study the playlist – this is what our dances for the event will be. Have a couple of choices in mind for when it’s your turn to choose. You can choose something that’s been done already if you want to.
  • The list of dances, to be provided on the day, is not exclusive. If you have any other dances that you would like to request that are not on the list, and that you can  provide music for, then please bring them along. This is a “show off” event, so if your group has been practicing something wonderful then it’s a great opportunity to bring it along.
  • Note that there are no post-1651 dances on the playlist. Please keep in spirit with the period style of the event by not requesting any.
  • When it is your turn, first tell the dance master which dance you want. He will inform the musicians, while the master of ceremonies will announce the dance.
  • You should then go and invite one or more people to dance with you from amongst those people that are standing, according to whether the dance is for a couple or a set. The first person you invite is your partner, and the one who will get the next turn to choose.
  • If you choose one of the “as many as will” dances, you need only invite your own partner, as the dance master will ask the company at large to join in. After your dance is finished, please stand and wait to be asked to dance again. Your partner will now be the person choosing the next dance – they must choose another partner to begin the dance with. Once someone has danced, he or she ought not to be asked again until everyone of that gender has danced.
  • Please try to get into the spirit of participating in a dance by being a spectator; it’s how you’ll be spending much of the session!


Equestrian Activities

There will be an equestrian Ballet du Cheval on the Friday.


Children’s Activities

Boffer Tourney:The boffer tournament is scheduled for 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on the Saturday.

In order to speed up the auction process we ask that participants and would be bidders turn up to the field at 9:45 so we may have the lists completed and the bidding commenced by 10:00. Payment must be made at the time of bidding.

Children under the age of 10 years will require a parent or guardian to be present for the duration of the auction and tournament (though a guardian may be responsible for more than one child). The guardian’s name will be recorded in the lists against the names of the children they are responsible for. For parents / guardians of children under six, we ask that you to closely attend to your children’s matches and be on hand to assist with instructions if necessary. Cheers, reassurance and advice such as ‘go on, hit them’ are all encouraged.

Parents / guardians please bring water for your younger children and encourage your older children to bring a water bottle.  Be sun smart and wear sunscreen and hats.

All boffers will be inspected as children are signed up to the lists.

We will take a common sense approach to this inspection but reserve the right to refuse boffers we feel are unsafe / under padded etc.

Please ensure that your children understand that the head is NOT a target in boffer combat. Children striking other children in the head will forfeit that fight. Repeated infractions of this basic rule will result in children being removed from the tournament (which is something we’d like very much to avoid).

Blows to the body will count as a kill while blows to limbs will result in the loss of that limb (as per heavy combat and rapier).

Children will be encouraged to call their own shots but Marshals will, gently and sympathetically, enforce blow taking.

If you have any prizes you would like to donate, you can bring them to the tournament (putting your name on a piece of paper and somehow attaching it to your prize will allow us all to recognize your generosity).

Thanks for reading this and we hope to see many of your children on the field.

– Gavriil Slotkovich (Ryan Hanwright)

Martial Arts/Combat

There are a variety of different styles of combat and martial arts available to participate in at Festival. For many you will need to have been previously authorized, but not all. Anyone who is willing to give their time to marshal a scenario please contact the Marshal in Charge.

At Festival this year every person participating in any combat must first be inspected by a Marshal logged in the Festival Marshal log book (Marshal section of the Officers Pavilion). Once inspected Marshals will issue a festival 2016 sticker which must be attached and visible on your helmet, taped on if necessary. The Marshals Pavilion will open directly after opening court for Marshals to register. Marshals be will issued with a stickers once they have signed into the Festival log book. Inspection will be completed for the chivalric tournament at the tournament field or nearby. Your inspection must be inspected before you participate in any combat.


Festival has two permanent butts at the far end of the campsite and there will be organised competitons and practice times. The range will generally be open (either for an event or practice) from after morning court until 1pm, and from 2pm til 5pm. No practice may take place without an authorised Target Archery Marshal. Equipment should meet the standards found here – http://archers.lochac.sca.org/target-archery/target-archery-rules/


Festival is a great time to display your skill in the fencing arts. A number of tourneys, melees and/or demonstrations will be run for the enjoyment of all. The Rapier List fields will host the rapier tourneys as well as Practice and Guild collegia.

The fencers sign in and inspection sheet will be at the list tent next to the fencing list field. All fencers must be inspected and signed in prior to engaging in any combat. We won’t be using stickers due to challenges with hoods, etc.

Heavy combat:

The battlefields will host the war scenarios, as well as rapier melees, archery combat and a host of other exciting things while the list field will be used for events such as fighter auction.


Rose Tournament;
The format for last year’s Rose Tournament was a Pas d’Armes for teams of 3. The field will be held by Rose teams and we welcome (and need) challengers to form teams of three and join us in the name of courtesy, comradery and charity. If you can’t form a team before hand, you can form teams on the day; please grab two buddies and join us on the field!
Last year the Ladies of the Royal Estate were raising funds to support Red Cross Australia. All donations are welcome.

Barony of Origin: Noble combatants prepare your sword and declare your origins! Sure you may well call them friend today, but now exult in the glory of crushing those pretenders in the name of your Barony of Origin!
Gather 7 compatriots, who first took up the sword in your Barony or Shire, gather and adorn your supporters and recruit the finest heralds to leave your neighbours envious of your clearly superior heritage!
We meet on the Rowany Festival list field on Saturday at 1PM. What’s that? Your Barony has too much talent for 1 team? Go ahead, enter as many as you need. Your belts all match…won’t you look sharp! Speaking of sharp, go on, bring your weapon of choice…
Finally, consider acquiring a suitably pretentious trophy cabinet, for you compete not just as tournament combatants but also for recognition as the most outstanding Baronial display.

Fighter Auction Tournament: As many of you know, one of the major activities of the Rowany Festival is the Fighter Auction Tournament on Monday. What you may not know is what happens to all the money raised.

The money from the Rowany Festival Fighter Auction is not held by the Kingdom (as is often assumed), but by the Barony of Rowany. The funds are available to all applicants, provided the Senate thinks the proposal is of benefit to Festival or the Kingdom. If you have a project that needs financial backing, you can send an application to the Rowany Baronial Senate.

Past beneficiaries include the College of Scribes, Pegasus, Cockatrice, Kingdom Regalia and Award tokens. Following an application from Count Hugh the Little, the Rowany Senate have instituted a permanent fund for the Crown to come to Rowany Festival, with reimbursement of travel expenses up to $800.

Should you have a suggestion your application should follow the guidelines in this document: Fighter Auction Tourney funds request and provide account details for a cheque. Applications should be sent to the Rowany Baronial post box address:

Barony of Rowany
PO Box 603
Strathfield NSW 2135

Or to the Baroness and Baron of Rowany: rowany@sca.org.au

Merchants and Market Day

Permanent Merchants: The permanent merchants’ pavilions will be set up around the village green as in former years.

Market Day: This is the traditional Saturday activity at Rowany Festival. The markets will be held in the Tavern and the Great Hall, with some stall holders also setting up blankets on the Village Green (weather permitting). Set-up time for merchants is from 8.00am, and there is NO trading before 9am. Please be patient as we set up.

Traditional usage decrees that one gold piece is a $1 coin. So if you hear prices such as 50 gold, that means $50.

Food Vendors: Here’s some of the food vendors at this year’s festival:

Greesispoone: Catering for individuals, families, groups, households and campsites!  To ensure you get the food you want, please book (greesispoone@yahoo.com.au).

Thomas Higgs: Purveyors of fine foods to those famished by all the shopping they have done!

The Floating Coffee Bar: COFFEE!!! Need we say more?

Other Activities

Soup Kitchen: This year the Soup Kitchen will run Thursday night at the Village Green. A choice of delicious soups (meat and vegetarian) will be provided. Please remember to bring your own bowl and spoon!

The Night Before
Not many people are on site the day before Rowany Festival officially opens, so perhaps not many of you will know that over the last few years the tavern tent has hosted a very small, very intimate gathering on the Wednesday night before opening court.
We throw together our dinner and take it to the tent; put up a few tables, close together, and light a few candles. We’re all wearing jeans under our woollen watch coats, because it’s not game-on yet but it’s cold outside. We chatter and sing with the other people who are also waiting for the rest of their household to arrive on site. A bottle of mead gets passed around. Familiar faces stroll in from the dark, walking funny after their long drive to site, to ask where they’re camping. It’s a wonderful way to slide into a week of living history with old friends.
Before the event opens officially, I invite anyone on site on Wednesday night to join us in the Tavern tent. Bring your dinner and eat in company. Bring your instruments and entertain us. Bring a bottle of something to share. Bring your voice, and your stories.
We’ll start around 7pm.

Festival First Night
There is a Pot Luck feast at 1800hrs Thursday evening, in conjunction with the soup kitchen, in the Great Hall.
This Feast is open to all who wish to bring food to share, including camping groups, households, individuals, and especially the war parties from the morning processional. This is a great opportunity to maybe show off your groups signature dish or other foods period (or not), to try new foods and meet new people or catch up with old friends. In conjunction with Their Majesties Long Hall, this is a great opportunity to socialise around the Village Green on the first official night of festival.
I would ask that all groups or individuals who wish to contribute to this great evening to please contact me by email (michellebrewer@live.com.au) and let me know your name and your groups name, if applicable, so I can get an idea of numbers etc and infrastructure required, and to keep you informed of what’s happening. Aeschine of Arran

The Ursulan Martyr Auction; 

What is the Martyr Auction? Collegians donate their time; Festival attendees bid on their time; the funds go to support the College; the Collegians support their winning bidder (e.g. washing dishes, singing for their supper, helping pack down campsites) for a specified period of time.
We have changed a few things this year, to address some issues and complaints that have arisen over the past few years. The auction itself will be run the same – martyrs are spruiked, bid on, sold, and then the exact terms of service are discussed as you proceed to payment. The main change this year is the extra confidence we can provide you: Martyr Insurance!
There were some issues wherein some members of the populace were dissatisfied with how their martyrs acted, and some people never even had their martyr arrive. If anything to this effect occurs, come and find myself (Matthijs van der Horst) or James Anthony Smith (Hrafn inn Rethi) at the Ursulan campsite, and we will either provide a replacement collegian if there is one willing and able, or otherwise refund your cash, on the spot. It is my sincere hope that this shall not be necessary at all this year, however you can now bid at auction with complete certainty that you will get what you paid for.

Paladin’s Pantry
So, you’ve been to Festival, bought the t-shirt, and now you’re on the way home. All you have to do is pack the car…
Hmm. Do you really want to take all that stuff home with you?
We can accept the following items:
• Unopened packets of cereal, rice, pasta or other goods
• Unopened jars or cans of food
• Unopened long life milk
• Unopened water, soft drink bottles or cans
• Unused shelf stable food – fruit/vegetables/eggs
• Unused hygiene products
• Sleeping bags and tents (must be in good condition)
The donated items will be given to a charity in the local area that helps those in need. This year we are proud to be partnering “Angels for the Forgotten” http://www.angelsfortheforgotten.org/goulburn
If you have any of these items to donate, please come to the Paladin’s Pantry Tent (located right next to the Troll), at the following times:
• Sunday between 4-5pm
• Monday between 9-10am and 4-5pm
• Tuesday between 10am-12pm
If you have any queries or need to arrange for a specific time, or to drop off your goods, please find Honoré Corbaut or Giles Leabrook at the St Florian de la Riviere campsite.
With grateful thanks
The Paladin’s Pantry Team.

Court: There will be Royal court at their majesties discretion as well as Baronial courts. The timetable lists when courts are expected to run, however, please listen to the heralds announcements for times and venues. These courts will also provide a forum for official announcements. If you have any business or announcement to make at either court please conduct this with the appropriate herald; the stewarding team is not responsible for court business.
Please ensure that at least one member of your campsite attends each court.

Festival Garden
Want to experience the quieter side of medieval life? Looking for somewhere to sit and talk? The festival garden is a space intended to recreate the type of garden which might be found within the medieval period and is designed as a space where people to enjoy a different aspect of medieval life. There will be seats, herbs to look at and generally a quiet place to sit and read, sew etc. The Garden will be located near the giant swing and Royal encampment.

Meetings: A number of meetings will take place at this year’s Festival, including:

  • The Companions of the Order of the Pelican
  • The Companions of the Order of the Laurel
  • The Companions of the Order of the Chivalry
  • The Companions of the Order of Defense
  • Lochac Company of Archers
  • Festival Officers’ Meetings
  • Seneschal’s Meeting
  • Guild Meetings

… and many more. A timetable is available on the Festival website, however please check the timetable at the officers noticeboard and listen to announcements for when and where these meetings will take place.