There is bore water available on site, which is fully potable, and is already plumbed into the main buildings, cabin groups, showers and toilets. There are also three stand points, from which hoses can be run to the various campsites.

The site is a low fire risk area. It rarely reaches above the High Fire Danger zone, and only in January. Ten fire pits are already set up around the site, with large logs set up as seating around the fires. Where there is no fire pit, Wombaroo has requested campsites use either a brazier or an above-ground fire pit with appropriate ground protection.

Toilet facilities
There are twenty permanent toilets on site, eight in the main building, and the others in blocks throughout the accommodation. These are reserved for those staying in the bunkrooms. For all others, there are portaloos throughout the site, including a portaloo with disability access near the tavern.

There are twenty showers on site with unlimited gas hot water systems.  Please note that the showers are only for those in the bunk accommodation.

Rubbish Collection

There are skips near the Guild Hall where all campsites can dump their rubbish. The bins in the toilets and outside the cabins will be emptied by Wombaroo staff daily. Campsites will need to bring their own bins.


Electricity is limited to the Guild Hall, the conference rooms, and some of the cabins. Powerpoints in the Guild Hall are not for personal use – they get overloaded easily.

Permanent Storage

There are SCA-owned shipping containers on site for permanent storage.