None of the information below is confirmed!
If you are in charge of one of these things, or want to be in charge of one of these things, let the stewards know! And get the web-scribe some updated information ~ Herr Maximilian von Monsterberg.

Artisans’ Pavilion

Open from 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm daily at the Atelier Campsite, the Artisans’ Pavilion is a dedicated area for people to come and make things together. There will be a clean area for sewing/textiles/etc, and a dirty area for forging. The only requirements are that you:
  • Clean up after your projects before you leave
  • Feel free to ask questions, but be aware that not everyone may have time for an in-depth discussion
  • When formal classes are running, keep quiet enough for the teacher to be heard
  • Ask before using any tools or equipment
  • Be careful around tools and people using them
  • All children should be supervised by their parent/guardian around tools

Hall of Fibre

From 10am Wednesday to 3pm Friday, the Fibre Guild is taking over the Great Hall with displays, classes, and more!

There will be static displays of finished objects and materials (including examples of old breed wools), and stations where you can try your hand at fibre skills from cord-making to weaving. In the mornings, you can come along to formal classes on nalbinding, spinning, and tablet weaving, and throughout the day, members of the Fibre Guild will be around with their own projects for you to have a look at. So come along and say hello!