Booking Summary

Bookings for Rowany Festival 2015 will open soon.

There are two types of bookings:

Type Details
Attendance Booking for Rowany Festival is highly recommended. This will ensure that the Stewarding Team can better prepare for you and will see you pay a lower rate for entry than you otherwise would.
All Equipment  




Equipment is available for a camp site to hire for the duration of Rowany Festival. The equipment is delivered to the site on WEDNESDAY before Festival officially begins and must remain on site at all times. Equipment  needs to be collected from (and returned to) a central location to be advised.If you are planning to get to Festival early, please be aware that booked equipment WILL NOT be available until the Wednesday, and if you require anything earlier you will need to arrange it yourself.

Please follow the attendance link and go through the shopping cart for a price list. Bookings will be decided on a priority list if we run out of spaces. The priority list will be those with medical issues first, those from over-seas or travelling or travelling long distances second, those with young families third all other bookings will be on a first come first served basis after the priority listing has been catered for.

If you are in the medical listing please tick that preference during booking. All of the other priority information will be obtained from your booking form


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Steward team