Lochac’s Ultimate Food Fight!


Fresh from a successful comp where the tables groaned, recipes were swapped and seconds and thirds were not only possible but required, comes Lochac’s favourite festival food fight!

Bring forth your most plenteous platters, your most bountiful breads, your most creative condiments, your most succulent small goods, your most cultured cheeses and precious preserves!

Can you raise the bar, the glass, the plate, the deliciousness and get yourselves and others excited by all that pre-17th century food can offer? Is it all Greek to you? Are you Russian about? Do you mingle with the Mongols? Feast from the Middle East? Have you been roped in Europa?

This is an open celebration of the love of food and food knowledge. Bring your entry and documentation and a contribution to Lochac’s Ultimate Hamper, with the winner chosen by popular acclaim, taking away the hamper and winning the coveted prize of Taillevent’s Toque*

So bring your most outrageous rillettes, saucy sausages, cheeky cheeses, delicious doughnuts, sexy sauces and marvellous mustards! Let Lochac’s horn of plenty rain forth!

Our appetites stand ready! Only our stomachs may fail! Eat, eat you are all too thin!

*Unlikely to be Taillevent’s actual toque.

2nd Annual Rowany Festival Costume Competition:  Improvements

It’s on again, I’m sponsoring a costume competition at Rowany Festival. But NOT a capsule wardrobe – that’ll be back next year. This year I want to see how you have improved, as learning from our experiences and making a better version is the essence of good A&S.

The Challenge: Present ONE item (not a whole outfit) that you have improved. This could be:

  • a new version of something you have previously made to improve a fitting or construction issue, or made in a more period way.
  • you took apart a garment and improved the fit, or made it in a more period way.
  • you loved the fabric from an item but realised the item wasn’t the best and so used that fabric in another item.

The Rules: To enter the competition the item must:

  • Have been made since Festival 2017
  • Be an improvement on something you have previously made. Show us both the improved item and the item that you improved upon (a photo of the original item is fine if you don’t have it anymore).
  • Be worn by you (or whoever you made it for), so we can see it as part of an overall outfit.

The Categories: Judging will occur in three categories depending on your experience*

  • Beginner: for someone who’s attending their second Festival with 1-3 years sewing experience
  • Intermediate: for someone who’s attending their third – sixth Festival, with 3-5 years sewing experience
  • Experienced: for people who’ve been Festival attending for quite a while (more than intermediate).

*We’re not going to check, pick whichever feels like you

The Criteria: The winner in each category will be determined based on:

  1. The quality of workmanship on the item
  2. An explanation of time and place and social class for the item
  3. Looking “right”, including fabric, construction and colour choices
  4. Your explanation of your improvements and why you made them
  5. Documentation provided – Only primary sources are required, e.g. pictures, lists of inventory items. Secondary sources (such as someone else’s research) are also fine, but should be complemented by some pictures you have found. There is no need to write a research paper (unless you want to).


  • Documentation requirements are light on, but we will expect you to talk to the crowd about what you made and your choices, as well as answer (nice, interested) questions – you won’t be grilled. The purpose of this form and level of documentation is to share information and enthusiasm.
  • You can ask someone to be your spokesperson if you are nervous speaking in front of a crowd. They can explain your item and choices.
  • You can dress someone else (e.g. your child, a friend, family member) and have them as your model while the item is explained.

REGISTER TO TAKE PART here: https://goo.gl/forms/hu4VjUParTLEKgo63 (This is only to get a sense of numbers and so we can put people into a sensible order for viewers. You can still turn up on the day and enter if you’re not sure OR you can put your name down now and then pull out on the day. It’s all OK.)

– Mistress Clara van der Maes, OL