Equipment is being provided by Patti’s Hire from Sydney. In order to make setting up and packing down easier for everyone:

  • Hire equipment including marquees will be delivered and erected on or about the Monday prior to Festival.
  • Pavilions will be erected in campsites. All other hire equipment can be found at the Tavern, where people can be signed off the equipment register, and collect it. Do not take any equipment without first seeing the Holder Of The Clipboard.
  • The closest you can drive to the Tavern pavilion is on the ring road, which does its circuit above the Great Hall. Your equipment will need to be carried across the Village Green grass. Bring your household members to help.
  • At the end of Festival campsites that have had equipment hired will have to return equipment to the Tavern. Campsites will be left completely clear, apart from hired pavilions, on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Pavilions will be removed on Wednesday morning, in order to allow for clear and safe access for Patti’s Hire.


Please make sure you return all your equipment or you will be required to pay for it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact