Equipment bookings can now be completed using the same link as making a booking for Festival. The Festival Attendance Booking Page gives all the details.

Delivery and Return of Equipment

Equipment is being provided by Patti’s Hire from Sydney. In order to make setting up and packing down easier for everyone:

  • Hire equipment including marquees will be delivered and erected on or about the Monday prior to Festival
  • Any campsite ordering a pavilion will find all their other hire equipment inside said pavilion – just like home delivery! Campsites with large orders of equipment will also have their equipment delivered.
  • A copy of your order will be placed with the equipment for you to check that you have received all your equipment.
  • At the end of Festival campsites that have had equipment delivered will not have to return equipment to the courtyard but will leave it in their campsite where it will be picked up by Patti’s Hire. For this reason, all campsites have been numbered.  If your campsite has a numbered sign, do not remove this sign.
  • All other equipment will need to be collected from the Great Hall. At the end of Festival this gear will need to be returned to this area. There will be an equipment register – you will need to sign it when you collect your equipment, and the equipment steward will sign it once your equipment has been returned.
  • Please make sure you return all your equipment or you will be required to pay for it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the