Festival 2014 Site Design and Campsite Allocation

N.B. This is 2014/15 information and will be updated shortly.


Here is the Campsite Allocations from 2014, please note that Site Map Approximate measurements only, Site Plan to be confirmed with booking numbers

Festival 48-93 map MK VII2133846236




From: Berenger (2014 Festival)

This will be a lengthy message – Please can someone send through to Lochac email list and to your local lists.

Vandel and I are going to be doing site design and campsite allocation for Festival Next year.

I am writing as Festival is still in our minds and we are able to remember all the good and bad of our campsites and site in general. I would ask that for general discussion you can talk anywhere but to specifically answer me you email me on brendan_of_menai (at) yahoo.com.au

In general what I am looking for is information on your individual household / group / barony / shire campsite.

I would like for every group to nominate one delegate to communicate with us – Please do not nominate yourself without talking to your mates / seneschal / leaders / gods

  • Is your campsite a noisy or quiet campsite
  • What are your projected numbers for next year – And why if you give me a number not like this year or years past will this be the case (you will need to justify this answer)
  • What is your projected size of campsite layout and why – and if it needs to be bigger than last years than why? (same justification needed)
  • Do you have any mobility issues with your campers that needs to be known to us
  • If there is any group you can’t camp near (do not tell me why and please do not name names, I am 0% concerned about the politics of it and also I wont take offence if you were to say the Abyss – I wouldn’t camp near us either.)
  • How in the midst of the general area or how aloof you want your campsite to be – Would you prefer to be in a corner or near everyone

Also if anyone has any other suggestions of what we can do site wise to make festival better than let us know.


Update (2013-04-06):

We will make up a map in due course and publish it so people can have a look and comment. There seems to be a bit of concern about communications – Let me assure you that I will try to answer all questions and take into consideration every wish / desire / necessity for campsites.

The goal we set for the next festival is to make it the best festival for everyone as we can – Which always should be the Goal of any organiser. We will also make the process as “all inclusive” as we can for everyone. There will be more information about structures on site coming as well. As you can see we are doing this early so we don’t have a mad rush in Feb.




Festival 2014 Site Design and Campsite Allocation — 8 Comments

  1. Could I get a copy of the current proposed site plan. I would like to check out the details of where the merchants are going to be placed.


    Alex the Potter

    • Hi Lesley

      Have you had any reply in regard to dorm rooms. I would also be interested in a female dorm room.

      Kind regards
      Suzanne – Tzutzanna

      • Yes there are rooms. The room co-ordinator will be looking at all the options regarding rooms, they sleep between 4-6 people and if there is a preference for female or male only rooms than we will try to accomodate this.

    • The rooms are for between 4-6 people. There are still some left. They will not specifically be allocated based on sex but if there are single people who would prefer to sleep in an all female or male dormitory then that will be considered based upon bookings.

  2. Hi, We’re part of the local archery club, Bega Valley Traditional Archers & enjoyed our very first Beorg Wic last year, but can’t make it this time. Is the Rowany Festival open to all?
    Sounds great!
    Look forward to hearing from you,
    Alicia Gauld