Armoured War





Fri, 20/04/2018 - 10:00 to 14:00

Wars: This year the focus of war at Festival will be on making sure we get the most out of the time we have, with simple yet fun scenarios that maximise our time on the field. We will endeavour to run engagements in sets of 4 - 3 mixed, and one heavies only. While many engagements will be simply about total elimination of the other side, we will have some simple objective scenarios, including Capture the Banner, King of the Hill, and Warlord scenarios.

Capture the Banner: Each side has a banner; the side that takes the other side's banner first, wins. Banners may be fixed in place or attached to a combatant.

King of the Hill: unlimited resurrection scenarios in which one point will be marked as the hill, and fighting continues until one side has held the 'hill' for a total of 5 minutes. A Marshal with two stopwatches will track and announce times.

Warlord: each unit's commander is the Warlord, and carries 2-5 tokens. Each token may be discarded to resurrect a group of up to 5 dead fighters at once. The group must be close together, and the warlord must make physical contact with each one, calling out their numbers (1-5) in turn as they are resurrected.

The Thursday session will focus on forts and bridges; the Friday session will focus on field and woods engagements.

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Heavy Combatants, Archers