Roses Touney





Thu, 19/04/2018 - 13:00 to 15:00

Ladies of the Rose and Coronaria invite all heavy fighters to participate in the Ladies of the Rose Tourney at Rowany Festival. This year the tourney will be held on Thursday starting at one hour past noon.

This year, the format for Our tourney is a Aberwitzig Hund Kampf (Mad dog tourney). This tourney will consist of 2 x 20 minute sessions starting after invocation. Fighters will line up in 2 lines feeding into the list field. Fighters are paired at the gate and join the field. At the end of the fight, they exit the field and inform the Lists if they had a win or loss (1 point per fight, 2 points per win) and join the back of their line. Fighters cycle through until time is up. Double kills count as a loss for both. At the end of the allotted time, all points are tallied where the top 8 fighters will test their mettle in a single elimination tourney until a winner is determined.

We look forward to seeing acts of chivalry and courtesy while demonstrating prowess upon the list field.

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Who should attend: 

The Roses and Coronaria of Lochac, Those Heavy fighters interested in the Tournament