Sorry to tell you all this, but right now the Timetable is largely a matter of fiction. This page will be the place to go once it’s ready though.

For now, here is a complete list of events I know the dates and times of. Coincidentally, I can be reached using the Contact page if you want to volunteer events to this schedule: ~Herr Maximilian von Monsterberg

Sunday the 14th of April
A bunch of people come onsite, set things up in advance, and leave again. Coming back on Tuesday.

Monday the 15th of April
Wallabies, dingoes, and other Australian wildlife does it’s thing, free of interruption because no one is there.

Tuesday the 16th of April
People come on site, ready for the real business of Wednesday

Wednesday the 17th of April
Opening Court
Heraldic Melee will be after Opening Court.

Thursday the 18th of April

Good Friday the 19th of April

Saturday the 20th of April
Market Day

Sunday the 21st of April

Easter Monday the 22nd of April
The Rowany Festival Fighter Auction Tourney and Rapier Fighter Auction Tourneys will be before closing court.
FAT/RFAT will be Monday/last day before Closing Court.
Closing Court
Boar’s Head Theatre the Night of Monday the 22nd, sometime after closing court.

Tuesday the 23rd of April
Everyone packs up and goes home, remembering to pick up all of their rubbish, dispose of their ashes appropriately, and extinguish all fires safely.