From the Arts & Sciences Officer


Please note, the below is from 2014.  Stay tuned for updates for 2015 Rowany Festival to come soon!

Greetings Lochac,

Firstly, you can find the latest version of the A&S timetable for this year’s Rowany festival here:

I have been asked to assist with putting together the A&S timetable for Festival next year.  Taryn is unable to provide this service anymore due to mundane restrictions, however she has made a great start.  We are still looking for more people to put their hands up to run an A&S class at Festival 2014.  Everyone has a skill (even they haven’t found it yet) that they can pass onto their fellow SCAdian, and festival is the best time to do this.

So, if you’re interested in holding a class at Festival, please send me your ideas and two preferred times for your class(es).  We can work out details etc later, but for the time being I am just working out times and names. So please send your ideas to and we’ll go from there.


TH Baroness Josseline de la Cour

Festival A&S Officer

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