Dear festival-goers,

The chirurgeonate (first aid volunteers) and St John’s are ever ready to provide first aid and look after your health. As always, St John’s kindly attend during daylight hours (8am to 5pm), and the chirurgeonate is on call overnight with St John’s as back-up. We are available during the day at the St John’s / Chirurgeonate tent, and at night via radio, with details posted at the chirurgeonate tent. Please be mindful that we are here to provide first aid (no more, no less).

Anyone with a level 2 first aid (or equivalent) and an up to date CPR refresher can act as a chirurgeon. For those whom are so skilled, I invite you to take a shift or two overnight. Please contact me at with your details. I also invite any St John’s cadets in the populace to let me know about yourselves, as it is quite fun to work along side our St John’s boys!

Volunteers to feed St John’s at breakfast, lunch and dinner are always appreciated. Again, please contact me if you are able to provide a meal (or two!) for these lovely four men who look after us so well.

Populace, please be mindful of your own health, as well. Bring your medicines, wear sunscreen, drink lots of water. Bringing your own campsite first aid kit is a good idea. If you have a medical condition, consider alerting the chirurgeonate. Be aware that ambulance cover is not provided by the state, and many private health insurance policies are very limited in what they cover. Consider ambulance cover, as many states have reciprocal agreements with NSW.

Clara Bone-Aventure
Festival Chirurgeon 2016