Since the age of Heroes, it has been the custom in Lochac to gather, once per year, in the month that Macedonians call Artemisios, at the Great Festival of Rowany.  Now, in the age of the Hellenes, do Ariston, Basileus, and Lilavati, Basilissa, send their warmest invitations unto all, to attend this magnificent Festival in the heart of their fair kingdom.

Festivals are occasions for great enjoyment and revelry, but they are also places where each community, and each person, strives to displays excellence – whether in creative skill, cheerful service, martial prowess, or simple generosity and hospitality. The hand that carves, hews, strikes, or sews; the foot that races swiftly or toils under burden; the mouth that sings or speaks kindly – these are the implements with which kingdoms are built.  We are blessed by Fortune to rule a kingdom of such qualities, and do ask that Our populace recommend unto us those who have excelled in these virtues, that we can make acknowledgement of their fine example.

Rowany Festival has grown and flourished, becoming the largest and most spectacular event in Our calendar, by the labour of many, and the enthusiasm of all.  We charge you all to join us in acknowledging and supporting this labour, and ask that you consider how much greater and better you may make the event – and the kingdom – by your own contribution.





Greetings, Lochac!

This missive is written on behalf of Their Majesties, Ariston and Lilavati

The stability of this Kingdom rests on four pillars: chivalry, creativity, service, and prowess. Those individuals who strive towards or embody aspects of these principles can be rewarded by the Crown – but not without your help.

Their Majesties will be attending Rowany Festival in 3 weeks, and they are seeking recommendations for those of Their populace who will be going to this event, and who are deserving of recognition with a Kingdom Award.

Anyone can write a recommendation – all that is required is the name of the person, the name of their local group (if known), the name of the award you are recommending (if known), and a paragraph or so outlining why you are recommending them.

These recommendations are best made by email – please write to if you know of someone deserving.

For the lists and descriptions of the Kingdom Awards, check out Memories of Lochac: