From the Merchant Co-Ordinator

N.B. This is information from 2014/2015 and will be updated in due course.


Updates for 2015 Rowany Festival!


Welcome to the newly updated Merchant’s Page!

Festival is now less than a week away.

It seems that this year you will be able to purchase a wide range of items which will cover not only you, but your interests too. Fabric, trims, toys, jewellery, gems, books, armour, feastware – it truly seems that you can walk in one end of merchants row in mundane wear and walk out the other end a fully equipped medievalist! Market Day stalls will be located in the Tavern and Great Hall.

Please note, the details in the tables below are current as at 2nd of April, and may be subject to change. If you are missing from these tables or have more information to provide (or I’ve made a mistake and left something out!), please contact me ASAP at

Who are they? What are the wonderful things they are bringing? Where can I get a sneak peek at their fabulous wares?
Emlyn’s Adornments Craft affordable, attractive SCA accessories and jewellery from a mixture of recycled and re purposed materials and goods. From hats, hoods and veils to jewels and brooches, we will provide the perfect finishing touches to your garb. We also craft personalised heraldic parasols and take orders for personalised items of all kinds. Our prices are fair and our craftsmanship superb.

So go on. Adorn Thy Self.

Elizabeth LaChatte Remedial massage
Flaming Gargoyle Pottery Full range of medieval reproduction pottery. Facebook: Flaming Gargoyle Pottery
Jean the Hornmaster Items both beautiful and functional – knives, drinking horns and other accessories
Toni Larson Remedial Massage
Floating Coffee Bar COFFEE!!! Need I say more?
Elisabet von Tecklenburg Will be selling goods as I did last year, mainly fibre and spinning supplies, naalbinding needles, lucets, yarn, fleece etc. as well as a selection of buttons buckles, laces and some viking jewellery.
Golden Gryphon Snacks and lunch foods, Yseult’s Famous Cordials, candles, hand-spun thread, and reproduction Books of Hours
Genevieve The Wanderer Jewelry (bone and horn), horn candle holders, fabrics, secondhand clothes and oddments.
Robert of Laughtondale Hornmasters  
Ye Olde Bizzare Jams & Pickles, Sugar-free Jams (new), Clothes, Inkle and Kumihimo Braids, Feathers (Quill & Hat), Haberdashery, and More.  
Esford Pty Ltd Armory, drinking horns and leather goods
Mainly Medieval Research books, facsimiles of extant as well as modern texts, & Re-enactment high-end later period treen, domestic flat and hollow ware, small items such as cards, dice and games; facsimile jewellery, sewing items, coins and some apothecary items.
Sign of the Lambtree Trims, braids and ribbons in period patterns Period music – musical instruments, recordings of period music (CDs) Toys and kites. Period games and gaming pieces Jewellery, carved amulets and beads Genuine period artefacts. Pocket Money Purchases – a selection of items for younger people, $5 or less. Assorted smallwares.  
Medieval Fightclub    
Milords Merchants We sell Fine Celtic & Medieval Pewter Pendants and Charms, along with Candle Lanterns, and some period pouches.
Oak Embroidery Embroidery, garments and fabric. Mmm, fabric…  
Blue Moon Archery Archery equipment, leatherwork, knives and jewellery (charms, bracelets, pendants etc)
Sir Yves La Chat Period knives, swords & some jewelery  
Saemorgaine’s Leather Selling leather and leather goods, teaching leather carving and sewing  
Pat Muir (Sydney Ancients) handwoven cloth, shawls and cloaks, hats and naalbound socks. We will have some arrows and quivers also.  
Shayrebel (MoG) Beautifully crafted wood and leather goods Facebook: Shayrebel
Midgard Designs Offers a selection of quality Saxon, Welsh, Frankish, Anglo-Dane and Viking Jewellery.  
Lions Den Providing sweets, treats, tea, coffee and much more. Also hosting a treasure trove of items from feasting kits to craft supplies, from games to toys and so much more. Will you enter the lions den and discover what you seek?  
Colonial Lake Books Books, fabulous books!
Black Squirrel Feastware Ceramic feastware.
Heilwich’s Oddments
Corp Sutler


But wait, there’s more! The following gentles have indicated that they have fine goods for sale on Market Day, which will be split between the Tavern and Great Hall.

Who are they? What are the wonderful things they are bringing? Where can I get a sneak peek at their fabulous wares? Table
Arganhell merch Briuc Hand made glass beads, available individually and in pre-strung rosaries and Viking strands. I may also have some silk veils available, and (a bit randomly) fibre tape and suede gloves for sale for Don Everard Sefar. 1 GH
Maelmuire ingen Alpin ‘Maelmuire’s Big Rocks’ will be selling jewellery, stone pendants and loose cabochons, all hand-made by myself. After much dabbling in various arts I have decided to make it my mission to ‘bring the bling’, as it were 1 T
Baroness Tasia del Valente


Trims and braid, clasps and jewels, snoods and an assortment of other accessorizing baubles for your re-enactment experience. 2 T
Padraig Lowther. Will be selling buttons, plumes, pearls and sundry wares from my discount table of wonders as usual. 1 T
Crispin Sexi Toys, books, pouches and music 1 GH
Lue Pottery Pottery for every table 1 T
Iseldis of Winchester Recycled fabric rag dolls in period costumes. 1 GH
katherine kerr


Order your armorial dag, or purchase your copy of the Lochac Cookbook ($10), a collection of favourite recipes and reminiscences gathered to support the Known World Tapestry Tour and associated AS50 activities.


1 GH
Þorfinn Semi precious beads 2 T
Cuilen O Caoimh ? 1 T
Honore Corbaut ? 1 T
Elvira’s Emporium This year the Emporium will be offering it’s usual wares of gemstone beads, pearls, amber, jewellery, fans and fabric but also in addition silk dupion, hair pins, vintage furs, and Mongolian felt products including slippers, boots and hats. 1GH
Medieval Attachments Medieval attachments will be back on market day with many new things. Trefoil brooches, Tortoise brooches, penannular and even strands of viking beads to decorate your apron dresses. We will also be selling cloak clasps, lacing rings, veil pins and much more. 1GH
The Stillroom of di Lucignano and de Lyon Period cosmetics, salves and balms, perfumes, spices, herbs, oil blends, dyestuffs…. A wide range of stock as any real apothecary. 1 GH
Endangered Heritage Historical pigments, inks, glues and shellacs from Kremer Pigmente – Germany, Gold and silver leaf, undyed silk thread, specialty needles and scissors, Liberon wood finishes, paints and waxes, Ribbon and cotton tape. “Intercept” – non-corrosion technology Albox – archival document storage hand held microscopes, mini vac attachments, specialty glass jars/containers.

Chat to 2 museum conservators about conserving and preserving personal items of value and much, much, more…..

2 GH
Alys Dietsch ? 1 T
Olwen Honeybrook Mixture of goods from bags to castle deodorisers 1 T
Vandal Stuff 2 T
The Rowany Merchandise Table Must have collectable, ahem, “short and stretchy t-tunics”, tea-towels etc. 2 T
Steve Lyons Metalwork (hand forged knives, campfire tripods) and wooden items (bowls and spoons) 1 T
Dirk Schmitt Boffer Weapons 1 T
Gab’s Fighting Accessories Rattan and fighting accessories 1 T
Lilya bint Hizir Kingdom Raffle. 1 T
Lavinia of the Tyrol Selling cloaks / hoods / whatever I have left over in my closet… 1 T
Keegan O’Mordha Shirts and cloaks for sale on mechanting day. 1 T
Dorte Planert Medieval jewellery, drinking horns, hand-bound leather books, olive wood bowls and ladles. 1 GH
Arabella d’Aubigny Candles 2 GH
Jodi Burns ? 2 GH
Elena Le Breuster Dragons Blood garb, cloaks, pouches, hats, feathers, stays, findings, etc. I also have some fabric, caps and grains of paradise. 1 GH
Kiara de Fae Renaissance Magazines 1/2 GH
Tyrian 1 GH
Roy Castell Jewlery 1 T
Leonie de Grey Braid and trim to sell as well and a few odds and ends 1 GH
Rosamond de Montfort Full Elizabethan outfit for sale, antler handled knife and forks, faux pearls and a few other bits and bobs. 1 GH
Emily McMahon Buttons, 2 swifts, two small tablet weaving looms, 2 sets of wool carders, some garb, a few pieces of inkle weaving and some other stuff 1 T
Wendy & Brigid wool and fabric 1 GH
Mistress Kiriel du Papillon Fabulous feastware, including very fine glassware, accessories, jewellery, and as recently updated, fabulous pearls! Facebook: Kiriel’s crafts 2T
Sir Ysambart Courtain Second hand fighting goods 1 T
Yvette & Scott ½ GH


In addition to the above, there are two essential Festival services that also need to be mentioned:

Greesispoone is back for Festival with all your stomach and tastebud needs! Catering to those looking for 2 or 3 square meals, Greesispoone will be also serving snacks and (new for this year) desserts. There will also be a price for singular meals daily, although there will be limited availability. Take the stress out of Festival and allow us to thrill you with our new and improved menu. Some of the new menu additions for 2015 include the majority of the recipes being period food, waffles for breakfast and exciting desserts! Gluten free and vegetarian options will be available again this year. Greesispoone will cater to individuals or households, with a wide range of options for your budget. This year we will be accepting payments via direct bank transfer (our preferred method) and PayPal (which will incur a small additional fee to cover withdrawal costs). Prices will be listed on the website for event packages and also casual meal options. Bookings can be made at Full daily menu and pricing will be available on the website soon and bookings are open now. Please check the website regularly as there is a FAQ section that will be updated as queries arise.

And last, but by no means least, The Salty Bint Tavern. It’s where you will always find drink, entertainment and companionship, and various traditional festival events, such as the Fighter Auction.

So I see you reading this and thinking “hmm, I really should make that merchant booking now”.

Yes, yes, you really need to make that booking now! We are really running out of time, and merchant’s row is getting full.

Permanent merchant sites cost $30 (in addition to entry fee, bookings via the Rowany Festival booking site), however the Saturday Market are $5 a stall and $5 per additional hire table.

For those who wish to sell food at Festival you will need to have a HACCP certificate,and must also notify the NSW Food Authority.

Just a reminder that if you do not have a certificate for safe food handling and a copy of the notification confirmation with you, you will not be allowed to sell food.

You can notify the NSW Food Authority via the link below:

Thinking of selling some goods at the Saturday market but not sure that you have enough for a full table? There are a couple of people in the same position. Please email me at as there may be some scope for setting up a combined stall if we get enough people interested in putting a few bits together (and please let me know if you’re interested in volunteering to be the person running it).

As with all, if you have any queries, please contact myself at, yes, that email again:


Alex the Potter