E094777aRowany Festival 2016:

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I bring my car onsite Thursday afternoon? No, all cars must be off-site by 8am Thursday morning.
  • If I can’t get to site before 8am Thursday, how can I get my gear onsite? There is a late arrivers/early leavers campsite near the Gate, so that you don’t have to carry your gear as far.
  • Can I drive my gear into my campsite? No, you can only drive on the designated roads.
  • Can we stay onsite Tuesday night and leave Wednesday? No, all Festival attendees must be off site by 4pm Tuesday 29 March.
  • If we are setting up on the Wednesday and staying the night, do we need to book pre-event tickets for that night? No, Wednesday night is included in the full event booking. http://www.trybooking.com/FNRS
  • When is the earliest I can set up my campsite? Sunday 2pm is the earliest.
  • When are portaloos being delivered onsite? Monday.
  • Are pre-event bookings only necessary if you are staying overnight, or do we need them if we are just coming down during the day to set up tents? Pre-event bookings needed for overnight only.
  • Is bedding included in my bunk booking? No, you need to make your own arrangements for bedding. If you cannot bring your own, Mittagong has a Big W and Aldi, as well as op shops.
  • I booked, but now I can’t come; can I get a refund? Contact rowanybookings@gmail.com. NOTE: There are no refunds after 15th March 2016.
  • Does every site have a firepit on it? No, we’ll let groups know if they have one in their area as best we can (you’ll recognise them by the log seating). You can set fires in braziers and off-ground fires if your campsite doesn’t have a firepit.
  • Is there a plan for people with camper trailers and campervans? Yes, there is an RV section reserved (although no dump point).
  • Does my tent need white fabric tied to the ropes if the ropes themselves are white? Yes. People with night blindness can better see the tag shape where lines disappear.
  • When will the hire equipment be delivered? Mostly Monday and Tuesday, possible some on Wednesday.
  • Can I use my butane canister “lunchbox” stove? Yes, as long as it has proper gas approvals. Anything older than 8 months old, or without the proper gas approvals is suspect and may be dangerous; please don’t bring an explosion risk to Festival!
  • What clothes should I wear to swim? Wear what you are comfortable in and what is appropriate for wearing around children and in mixed company. If it also happens to be historical, great.
  • What is mobile phone coverage like at Wombaroo? Reasonable but not great; you may need to move around to find a spot with coverage.
  • Can I use the powerpoints in the hall to charge my phone? No, the wiring is bad and the kitchen fuses keep blowing.


  • Can I buy alcohol at Festival? No, there are no licensed premises at Rowany Festival 2016.
  • Is there still a Tavern tent for socialising in? Yes! Their Majesties invite you to their Longhall.
  • Can I still buy a Tavern Mug? Yes, they will be for sale at Market Day.
  • Can I still buy ice at Festival? Yes, you can fill a bucket for $4 at the Greesispoone.
  • Can I buy food at Festival? Yes, there are some food vendors, for example Greesispoone and Golden Gryphone.
  • Can I buy extra, souvenir tokens? Yes, once the event is closed – contact the Stewards.
  • If I have too much to take home, can I donate it? Yes, to ‘Paladin’s Pantry’, who will give sleeping bags, tents, unopened packet food, and unused fruit+veg+eggs to http://www.angelsfortheforgotten.org/goulburn


  • What night is Boar’s Head? Monday night, in the Tavern tent
  • Is there a soup kitchen Wednesday night (there wasn’t last year)? YES, and/or you can bring your dinner and eat in company at the Long Hall.
  • Is there a soup kitchen Thursday night? Yes, in combination with a Pot Luck Feast in the Great Hall.

From the Festival Steward –

April 2015

Hi, For those who attended Festival, there is a survey that we would very much like you to complete. The results from this survey will help guide future Stewards and improve Festival. Thank you for your time.


March 2015

2015 Rowany Festival Parental Supervision Rules.
The Rowany Festival rules for parental supervision have recently been reviewed and significant changes have been made in line with NSW legislation and guidelines, current best practice and the context in which the Rowany Festival operates.

Rowany Festival will adopt the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian guidelines, amended to suit the Rowany festival environment.

The most significant change parents need to be aware of are:
• You are always responsible for your child/ren and his/ her actions. To help parents understand the expected standard of behaviour, a Code of Conduct has been developed. You will need to take the time to read, understand and sign the Parental Supervision Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct will be available across SCA Lochac websites and FB pages and available to be signed at the Rowany Festival registration point.
• The requirements for parental supervision are age dependant. Please read the guidelines attached and be sure you are aware of the supervision levels required for your child/children.
• The guidelines mean that it is no longer the responsibility of the constables to ensure all children are under adult supervision at all times. Instead the constabulary will be required to intervene only when a very young child is unsupervised, a child is breaking the rules of festival, is in a prohibited area, is endangering themselves/ others or disturbing the peace.
• Children aged 7 and under will be required to wear a tag identifying who they are, their campsite and their parent/ caregiver
• The tavern and wine bar, is legally prohibited to minors. Children may pass through the tavern accompanied by a parent/carer, and must not be within one metre of the bar at any time. During the Market, the bar is closed and children may enter.
• Dams and waterways are prohibited areas to unaccompanied minors. Children under 14 years must be accompanied by a parent/carer.
• The archery field and war field are prohibited areas to unaccompanied minors. Children under 14 years must be accompanied by a parent/carer.
• The Steward has the authority to impose a range of sanctions or restrictions in response to behaviour that is dangerous, disruptive or against the Festival Rules, up to and including expulsion from Festival.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment on the Rowany Festival discussion FB page or email Spyderwebb@aapt.net.au and I will do my best to provide clarification.

Your comments and questions are welcome; they help ensure the relevance and workability of the policy.

The policy will undergo a comprehensive review in 2016, informed by your feedback, current best practice and any legislative changes.
Gabrielle Webb

Please also read: Draft Festival Parent Code of Conduct 150310

November 2014

Festival Bunk Bookings are now Closed!
Due to high demand and rapid bookings, the bunkhouses for Festival are now fully booked. If you have a need for a bunk, I will take names on a waiting list in case of cancellations, but be aware that the likelihood of this is low. Please contact the Festival Steward at festivalstewards@gmail.com .
There are tents, mattresses and bedding available for hire in the Equipment bookings section.

There are also a number of caravan parks, motels and bed-and-breakfast type accommodations in the area, where you can stay in comfort about 15 minutes from site, should that be your preference. If it is, I advise booking early, as the Easter long weekend is popular with many people for a visit to the Mittagong area.
Yours in service,
Collette (Steward)

From the Festival 2015 Steward – Oct 2014

Hi All, and here is the first of the updates as we approach Festival 2015.

Although it’s still 6 months off, bookings are open, and it’s time to make bookings and start preparing for the fabulous time that we know we will have. After the first year at Camp Wombaroo in 2014, we all have a much better idea of how the site works, where things can go, and what new and exciting things we want Festival to have in 2015! There are many projects being prepared, and volunteers are always welcome. Let us know if you can help.

Remember, early bookings get the cheapest price, and allow the Stewarding Team to begin planning portaloo numbers and campsite allocations.

Even if only day-tripping, you still get a cheaper price by pre-booking, and everyone needs toilets, so BOOK!

If you have any special needs, or can’t find the information on the Festival website, please contact the Steward – festivalstewards@gmail.com .