The following positions are currently vacant to assist in the running of Festival:

Information Point Manager

Information Point Manager requires somebody who is very familiar with the SCA, friendly, with good people skills. The Information Point Manager works with the Information Point volunteers to:
– Encourage people to volunteer at the Information Point
– Deal with general enquiries (and call the Stewards if necessary)
– Hand out information such as timetables
– Look after volunteer sign-up, and hand out volunteer beads if needed.
– Take care of Lost Property – both lost and handed in
– Maintain notice-board
– Contact point with walkie-talkie for Stewards.
– Write a report after the event and send to the Stewards (report template provided)
(Note that the Heralds are managed by the Herald Collective, and the Watch is managed by the Constable. Herald and Watch are not part of Information Point, though they do stop by regularly.)

Lists Officer

The Lists Officer coordinates with the various martial tournament activities (Heavy, Archery, Rapier, Equestrian) to:
– encourage volunteers to help with Lists
– coordinate the Lists volunteers
– record names (and authorisations, if needed) at tournaments
– record results of tournaments where required
– write a report for the Stewards after the event
The Lists Officer needs to be good at coordinating and communicating.

Fighter Auction Auction Organiser

A new position this year, the Fighter Auction Organiser is the person responsible for organising the actual auction of the fighters for the Heavy and Rapier Fighter Auction Tourneys. This will involve coordinating with the Heralds and with Lists. The Stewards have full instructions available on the format of the auction, how people can sign up, and what is required. If you think that you can help Festival in this way, please contact the Stewards!

The volunteer coordinator assists volunteers to sign up for roles both pre-event (via an online platform), and at the event (on paper). This involves working with the various officers that ask for volunteers, to program the online platform with the correct shifts and to make sure that the officers are regularly updated pre-event with information on how many volunteers they have.