Artisan's Spaces Open





Thu, 13/04/2017
Fri, 14/04/2017
Sat, 15/04/2017
Sun, 16/04/2017
Mon, 17/04/2017

The Artisans' Space, hosted by Atelier, will be open from after morning court each day until sundown (weather permitting) and you are welcome to bring along your own project, or to use the space to work on a communal one.

The venue will have a 'clean craft' space for sewing, spinning, leatherwork and the like, and a 'dirty craft' space for woodwork, forgework and other such crafts.  People using the space will be expected to treat the tools with respect, and to follow any instructions from Atelier and other teachers regarding the use of tools, safety requirements and sharing the space with others.

We hope to have the following equipment available, for use under appropriate supervision:

  • Tables and chairs, under cover
  • a Great Wheel
  • Workbenches
  • Leatherworking tools
  • Pole lathe
  • Woodworking tools (planes, axes, drills, augers, saws)
  • Furnace and great bellows (a secondary bellows may also be available)
  • Wire drawing bench
  • Leg vice and stand
  • Anvil and stand
  • Grinding stone/wheel
  • Possible: small gas furnace
  • Metalworking tools (hammers, files)
  • Casting paraphernalia (crucibles, sand-casting moulds, ladles)

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