The Night Before





Wed, 12/04/2017 - 18:00 to 23:00

Not many people are on site the day before Rowany Festival officially opens, so perhaps not many of you will know that over the last few years the tavern tent has hosted a very small, very intimate gathering on the Wednesday night before opening court.

We throw together our dinner and take it to the tent; put up a few tables, close together, and light a few candles. We’re all wearing jeans under our woollen watch coats, because it’s not game-on yet but it’s cold outside. We chatter and sing with the other people who are also waiting for the rest of their household to arrive on site. A bottle of mead gets passed around. Familiar faces stroll in from the dark, walking funny after their long drive to site, to ask where they’re camping. It’s a wonderful way to slide into a week of living history with old friends.

Before the event opens officially, I invite anyone on site on Wednesday night to join us in the Tavern tent. Bring your dinner and eat in company. Bring your instruments and entertain us. Bring a bottle of something to share. Bring your voice, and your stories.

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