Rose Tournament

The Ladies of the Rose would like to invite all combatants to participate in this year’s Rose Tourney, which is loosely based on the An Tir Squires Tourney. We would love for this to be an opportunity for the unbelted fighters of Lochac to showcase their  chivalry, valour and Prowess against one another and the Chivalry of Lochac in a different forum than they may be accustomed to. This tourney will also raise funds for Cancer Council Australia.


  • All combatants are welcome, however, only unbelted fighters (those not members of the Order of Chivalry) will sign in to the Lists.
  • All unbelted fighters will assemble before the Ladies of the Rose, introduce themselves and declare their consort/inspiration, and they may exhort their fellow combatants in some way.
  • There are two 30 minute sessions of fighting, with a 10 minute break. If you leave the field, other than to report to Lists, you may not re-enter that session.
  • The Chivalry of Lochac are expressly invited to participate in the second half of the tournament, but as the Ladies of the Rose would like to promote the unbelted fighters of our fair kingdom, only the unbelted fighters will be scored.
  • All fighters are on the field at the same time, but each fighter is engaged in single combat.
  • At the end of each fight, the unbelted fighter will need to report to the Lists table whether they won or lost, and then go find another fight.


  • There will be three prizes awarded at the end of the Rose Tourney: Chivalry, Valour and Prowess.
  • The Ladies of the Rose will happily accept recommendations from all combatants and the gallery as to who conducts themselves with the most chivalry on the field.
  • To earn the Prowess prize, you will be the unbelted combatant on the field who has the most wins.
  • To earn the Valour prize, you will be the unbelted combatant on the field who has fought the most bouts.

The Ladies of the Rose would like to encourage the unbelted fighters of Lochac interested in participating in this tourney to find a member of the Order of Chivalry to sponsor or mentor them, in order to receive individual guidance and feedback. For a squire, if your knight is not present at Festival, or is otherwise engaged during the tournament, you might consider asking another member of the Chivalry to provide this guidance and feedback. This is not a requirement and is simply a suggestion to gain maximum benefit from the tournament.

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