Please note, the below is from 2014.  Stay tuned for updates for 2015 Rowany Festival to come soon!

Greetings all,

Here’s the current timetable for Archery for this years Rowany festival.¬† Any questions please contact William de la Montaigne CoupeArchers

Friday 11:00 Queens
Friday 14:00 IKAC
Saturday 12:00 Kings
Saturday 14:00 Clout
Sunday 14:30 (after Kid’s fort battle) Kids Easter Choc Bunny Shoot
Monday 14:00 IKAC
Tuesday unallocated

This year there will be several target archery competitions run at Festival. Don’t worry about it being a competition though, as anyone who has shot beside Lochac archers knows we are a friendly and welcoming group of people. More than anything, we like to see new people taking up our sport, or those who used to shoot returning to the fold. So come and join in. The important thing is to participate because that is where the real joy in Archery is.

As always there will be an Interkingdom Archery Competition (IKAC). There will be two sessions, Friday and Monday afternoons, and you can shoot at one or both. You can find the rules for the IKAC at

On Friday morning there will be a Queens round. This is an elimination competition shot at 30 yards. You have three arrows and must score with one of them. Each end the size of the scoring area of the target is reduced by half a colour. This is continued until only one archer is left.

On Saturday  morning there will be a Kings Round. The Kings Round is another elimination competition starting at 20 yards. You have six arrows and must score with at least one of them to stay in. We then move the target back five yards and do the same again. This is repeated every end until only one archer is left. On Saturday afternoon there will be distance shooting with a clout shoot (the target is a big circle on the ground at 100 yards). The Clout shoot is quite spectacular, with arrows arcing through the air, a la Agincourt.

Other events may be added, so please keep an eye on this page.

Finally, I would remind all archers that you may only shoot when there is a Target Archery Marshall present who is running the line.

William de la Montaigne Coupe