Martial Arts

Martial Arts

There are a variety of different styles of combat and martial arts available to participate in at Rowany Festival. For many you will need to have been previously authorized, but not all. Anyone who is willing to give their time to marshal a scenario please contact the Marshal in Charge.

At Festival this year every person participating in any combat must first be inspected by a Marshal logged in the Festival Marshal log book (Marshal section of the Officers Pavilion). Once inspected Marshals will issue a festival 2016 sticker which must be attached and visible on your helmet, taped on if necessary. The Marshals Pavilion will open directly after opening court for Marshals to register. Marshals be will issued with a stickers once they have signed into the Festival log book. Inspection will be completed for the chivalric tournament at the tournament field or nearby. Your inspection must be inspected before you participate in any combat.


Festival has two permanent butts at the far end of the campsite and there will be organised competitions and practice times. The range will generally be open (either for an event or practice) from...



All riders welcome! Come for one day or for the whole Festival!

Authorisation assessments will be offered during training sessions to riders who do not have current authorisation in...


And remember – any fighting scenario needs marshals. Have you considered volunteering for a tourney, for a war?
You can contact this year's Marshal in Charge, Rowland Bridgeford, at...


Festival is a great time to display your skill in the fencing arts. A number of tourneys, melees and/or demonstrations will be run for the enjoyment of all. The Rapier List fields will host the...

55 activities:

Understanding Effective Teaching for Swordplay




Friday 12:00 to 13:00

Teaching swordplay can be simultaneously one of the most rewarding and one of the most frustrating activities we can undertake in the Society for both teacher and student. Most of this frustration comes about due to a lack of understanding regarding the teaching process, leading to unstructured...Read more

Boffer Auction Sign-ups




Saturday 09:30 to 10:00

Enrol your children in the lists for the Boffer Auction Tourney!

In order to speed up the auction process we ask that participants and would-be bidders turn up to the field at 9:45 so we may have the lists completed and the bidding commenced by 10:00.

 Read more