All riders welcome! Come for one day or for the whole Festival!

Authorisation assessments will be offered during training sessions to riders who do not have current authorisation in general riding, mounted games and horse archery.
Crested combat and heavy equestrian combat authorisations may be performed throughout the event.

Riders, please note: You may not ride your horse unless an authorised Equestrian Marshall is present. We are happy to help, so please let us know if we are needed. We may wish to attend other events during Festival, and so may riders, so we will do our best to negotiate riding times that suit everyone to the best of our abilities. We thank you for your understanding.

- Emelye Ryder, Kingdom Equestrian Marshall
- Orlanda de Bretagne, Equestrian Marshall

The Equestrian timetable is subject to change depending on weather conditions.

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