For activities and notices that apply across all roads on site

The Town Square

The Town Square is a group of covered venues that are arranged in a loose rectangle around the Village Green. They are public spaces, and may have classes and gatherings scheduled in them.

Great Hall

The entire permanent hall


The Tavern at festival this year will be licensed to sell alcohol from Thursday the 13th of April to Sunday the 16th of April between the hours of 4pm and midnight.

As part of the...

Village Green

The Further Fields

The Festival Fields are used for activities which require a lot of space. They are far enough from the village green and the campsite amenities that you should ensure you have water and other comforts with you.

Archery Range

The Archery Range will generally be open (either for an event or practice) from after morning court until 1pm, and from 2pm til 5pm.  No practice may take place without an authorised Target...

Equestrian Field

War Field

A space set aside for mixed combat, including archery

Dedicated Spaces

Beyond the public spaces of the Town Centre, there are other venues for which are dedicated to classes and workshops of all sorts. All but the meeting room will be under canvas, but all of these will be furnished with tables and chairs. If there is nothing scheduled for one of these venues at a particular time, then you may make use of the space for ad-hoc workshops; please see the duty constables to arrange for any ad-hoc additions to the schedule, and mind that anything pre-scheduled will have priotity.

Meeting Room

An indoor venue where meetings may be held in privacy.

This may also be used for A&S Classes and is a little further up the west road from the from the Village Green than the other...

Children's Activity Space

The Children's Activity Space will be a safe and welcoming space for the families and children of Lochac. It is a 6m X 6m tent, with a couple of chairs and two tables, and many of the...

A&S 1

A&S 2

Private Campsites

A selection of Rowany Festival activities will take place in groups' private campsites.  If they are listed on this timetable, then the general populace of Festival is invited to visit at that the scheduled time and join in, but please be respectful!  Stick to the areas and times where the class is being held, and don't enter or peek into private tents without an invitation.

Atelier Artisans' Spaces

The Artisan's spaces are a new thing at Rowany Festival in 2017, somewhat shamelessly copied from the very successful Canterbury Faire institution. They will be hosted by the Atelier campsite,...

Company of the Staple

The Company of the Staple are a Sydney-based non-SCA group that are dedicated to  activities associated with The Company of the Great Staple at Calais as it was in the year 1376. They are camping...

Other Campsites

Most of the Campsites which are hosting official activities are only hosting one or two. They have been collapsed into this list in order to assist with layout of the printed timetables.