Artisan's Pavilion

Artisan's Pavilion

The Artisan's Pavilion is a space where you are welcome to work on 'clean' crafts such as sewing, spinning, leatherwork and the like. It has tables and chairs under cover, and a high likelyhood of excellent company. 

Some Arts and Sciences workshops will be hosted here, but it is also available during daylight hours for you to bring along your own projects, or work on communal ones.  People using this space will be expected to t follow any instructions from Atelier and other teachers regarding the use of tools, safety requirements and sharing the space with others.


11 activities:

Formed Leather Casework




Monday 11:00 to 12:00

Formed leather cases were a practical way to store your pens, cards, instruments, glasses and precious objects in period. Look at examples across time, learn how to make cases using period techniques, plus a ‘quick and dirty’ method requiring no leather skills.Read more