Before the event, you can volunteer to help out with one or many responsibilities:

a) online – Gate, Heralds, Constabulary, the Greesispoone Kitchen, and many more at

b) by emailing the relevant Officer directly, or the volunteers coordinator at

c) by emailing

At the event, you can volunteer at the Officers’ Pavilion with a noticeboard, where you will be able to contact representatives of the Festival Officers. If you would like to help out in any way, or learn more about the offices that keep Festival running, you can volunteer your services to any of the officers, or to the Stewards. No experience is necessary for most positions, and all offers of help are greatly appreciated.

Festival Volunteering Update

1. Festival says thanks! – We know that Festival would not be the amazing event it would be without volunteers from all over the Kingdom and indeed the Known Worlde so Festival 2017 would like to share a small gesture of appreciation. Everytime you complete a volunteer shift, you will be invited to collect a bead from our stash. Cord will be available to allow you to display your beads so that all may see your assistance to making an amazing event.

2. Sign on sheets – in order to support our volunteers, we need to know where you are so we are asking you to sign on and off shift. There will be at least two sign in points, the Officers Pavilion and Gate, where you can do this. (This will also enable you to collect your beads for your shift when you sign off). Stay tuned for futher updates.


Volunteers are sought for the following duties:

Arts & Sciences Teachers:  If you would like to volunteer to teach a class, or there is a topic on which you would like to see a class, please contact the Arts and Sciences co-ordinator, Aeron L’asair, at

Children’s Activity Teachers: If you’d like to volunteer to teach or help out at the Schola (AND you have a valid Working With Children Check), please email the Children’s Coordinator, Ginevra Lucia di Namoraza, at

Chirurgeon / First Aid:  St John Ambulance Australia will be assisting again this year with our First Aid. You are encouraged to look after the First Aid of the people in your own campsite first. If you find you need greater assistance, go to the pavilion on the village green. The area inside the pavilion, by its nature, will be a mundane area. Away from there every effort will be made to avoid mundanity, however understanding and consideration is required from all as the St John volunteers treat the ailments of the populace.

SCA Chirurgeons will be sharing the load of the First Aid chores, and they need as much help as possible. Anyone with a level 2 first aid (or equivalent) and an up to date CPR refresher can act as a chirurgeon – those who are so skilled are entreated to volunteer.

Volunteers to feed St John’s at breakfast, lunch and dinner are always appreciated. If you are able to provide a meal (or two!) for these lovely four men who look after us so well, please say so. The Festival Chirurgeon for 2017 is Clara Bone-Aventure, who may be contacted at

Constable: There will be changes to the Constabulary system this year. In addition to the usual two person patrols, who will tour the campsite to enforce site rules, there will be a larger support network centered on the Officers Pavilion. During the day the Officers Pavilion will host an information officer, a radio operator (coordinating between Constabulary, Gate, Chirurgeons, and Stewarding team), and a Watch Officer. There will also be an on-call Deputy on Duty to manage any serious escalated issues. More detailed descriptions of these roles are available at the online sign-up page, linked above. The joint Constables in Charge this year are Andreas (Macca) and Hanbal, who can be reached at

Gatekeeper:  The Gatekeepers are the first people you meet on arrival. Please be patient and be ready to listen to them as they help you to register. Gate this year is being coordinated by Declan of Dogheda, who may be contacted at

Herald: The Herald In Charge is responsible for Festival announcements and heraldry at the tournaments. It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep up-to-date with the day’s announcements, which are a mixture of messages from the Stewarding team and the Crown, notifications of changes to the time table, and general information the heralds have been asked to disseminate. If you have not heard one of the day’s calls, or have any feedback or messages for the heralds, please check in with the Officers Tent. If you have an announcement that everyone needs to hear please record it at the Officers Tent at least half an hour before each scheduled call time. The Festival Herald is NOT responsible for Royal Court business. If you have business for Court please see Their Majesties’ Chamberlain, Anna von der Ron.

The heralds will need four volunteers for each daily announcement round, at 8am, 12pm, and 3pm each day, and between one and four for each tournament, depending on its size. Martyr Auction and Fighter Auction also need volunteer heralds. The chief herald this year is Annys Blodwell.

Lists:  Lists officers record participation and results of tournaments.  Combatants must see the list officer to register for tourneys. Don’t forget; you must have your fighter authorisation card with you. The chief Lists officer is Elizabeth de Foxle, at

Note Well: Do NOT stand in front of the Lists table when they are recording a tournament!

Marshals:  The Marshalate, including Rapier and Light Infantry, are in charge of ensuring the safety of the people participating in and watching our martial arts. The populace must listen to instructions from marshals for their own safety. A call of “HOLD!” is an instruction to freeze, as someone may be in danger. Heavy marshals wear a black tabard with crossed yellow swords, rapier marshals wear a black tabard with crossed yellow rapier, and archery marshals wear a white tabard with 3 yellow arrow heads on red. The Marshal in Charge is Rowland Bridgeford, who can be contacted at

Shuttles: If you have the time and vehicle space available to help other travellers, particularly those who are travelling to Mittagong by train, please get in touch with the Lifts Coordinator, Maximilian von Monsterburg, at