There are a variety of different styles of combat and martial arts available to participate in at Festival. For many you will need to have been previously authorized, but not all. Anyone who is willing to give their time to marshal a scenario please contact the Marshal in Charge, Rowland Bridgeford, at


Festival has two permanent butts at the far end of the campsite and there will be organised competitons and practice times. The range will generally be open (either for an event or practice) from after morning court until 1pm, and from 2pm til 5pm. No practice may take place without an authorised Target Archery Marshal. Equipment should meet the standards found here.


A number of tourneys, melees and/or demonstrations will be run for the enjoyment of all. The Rapier List fields will host the rapier tourneys as well as Practice and Guild collegia.

The fencers sign in and inspection sheet will be at the list tent next to the fencing list field. All fencers must be inspected and signed in prior to engaging in any combat. We won’t be using stickers due to challenges with hoods, etc.

Heavy Combat

The battlefields will host the war scenarios, as well as rapier melees, archery combat and a host of other exciting things while the list field will be used for events such as the Rose Tournament, the Barony of Origin Tournament, and the Fighter Auction Tournament.


There will be equestrian at Festival 2017! Mounted games, horse archery, and Ballet du Cheval are all planned. Authorisations can be done at Festival, and the Equestrian Marshal, Emelye Rider, can be contacted at if you have further questions.

Riders, please note: You may not ride your horse unless an authorised Equestrian Marshal is present. We are happy to help, so please let us know if we are needed. We may wish to attend other events during Festival, and so may riders, so we will do our best to negotiate riding times that suit everyone to the best of our abilities. We thank you for your understanding.


In addition to the unscheduled boffer combat that children will enthusiastically organise among themselves, there will be a Boffer Auction Tourney on Saturday morning. You can refresh your memory of the rules for boffer combat here.