1st Price Rise comes on December 1 – How to Book Information — 2 Comments

  1. Hello
    Just trying to find pricing for hire equipment so I can finalise the budget for our encampment. There doesn’t appear to be info available as yet 🙂 I’m particularly interested in loos!



    • Unto her most esteemed grace, Duchess Constanzia, I bring greetings and humble apologies.

      The Stewarding team offer their most tender apologies, the usual process of formalizing arrangements with vendors for hire equipment have stretched longer than is preferable, and as such, they are delayed in posting the pricing for Equipment Hire for 2019.

      We will be providing messaging via all channels when we have the confirmed pricing. (I imagine the booking form will go live at the same time).

      Yours in Service,
      Herr Maximilian von Monsterberg, webscribe to the Rowany Festival Stewards, and bearer of bad news:

      __TL;DR: equipment bookings will be available shortly, we are just sorting the external hire arrangements. __

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