Children under the age of 10 years will require a parent or guardian to be present for the duration of the auction and tournament (though a guardian may be responsible for more than one child). The guardian’s name will be recorded in the lists against the names of the children they are responsible for. For parents / guardians of children under six, we ask that you to closely attend to your children’s matches and be on hand to assist with instructions if necessary. Cheers, reassurance and advice such as ‘go on, hit them’ are all encouraged.

Parents / guardians please bring water for your younger children and encourage your older children to bring a water bottle.  Be sun smart and wear sunscreen and hats.

All boffers will be inspected as children are signed up to the lists.

We will take a common sense approach to this inspection but reserve the right to refuse boffers we feel are unsafe / under padded etc.

Please ensure that your children understand that the head is NOT a target in boffer combat. Children striking other children in the head will forfeit that fight. Repeated infractions of this basic rule will result in children being removed from the tournament (which is something we’d like very much to avoid).

Blows to the body will count as a kill while blows to limbs will result in the loss of that limb (as per heavy combat and rapier).

Children will be encouraged to call their own shots but Marshals will, gently and sympathetically, enforce blow taking.

If you have any prizes you would like to donate, you can bring them to the tournament (putting your name on a piece of paper and somehow attaching it to your prize will allow us all to recognize your generosity).

Thanks for reading this and we hope to see many of your children on the field.