Information about the bunkhouse rooms will be posted here. Stay tuned!


General information:
Bunk rooms are available for limited numbers but fill up fast. They are assigned on a hierarchy with priority going to those with medical conditions, international travelers and families with small children.

The bunkrooms are serviced by dedicated showers and toilets which are for the use of bunkers only. Rowany Festival will provide rooms with registered CPAP users with power boards and Wombaroo and the Stewards ask you do not bring or use your own. The rooms were designed for children’s school camps and as such electronics should only be plugged in and turned on while you are in the room.

It should be noted that onsite catering options would need to be explored for those hiring cabins, as there are no cooking facilities attached. Please do not use electric cook equipment in the bunkhouses.

The compound in the lower cabin area is available to all bunkees who wish to organise a raised fire area, BBQ/cook space, shade tents or hang out zone. Please ensure that walkways are kept clear, rubbish is placed in the bins provided (and bins are emptied as needed) and fellow bunkers needs are respected.