Festival Classes

Rowany Festival has a fantastic program of classes on a wide range of topics, so come along and learn something!

If you’d like to add your class to this list, there’s still time – submit it at tiny.cc/festivalclasses by March 24th to be added to the timetable.

Costuming & Textiles

Beginners Heraldic Embroidery – Lady Lyssa Llewensdöttir

Suitable for: adults, teenagers, older children with appropriate supervision
If you can sew in a straight line, that’s great! If you can’t, that’s embroidery! An introduction to embroidery using the colour-filling technique laid-work.
Bring pencil and paper, embroidery thread, hoops, and fabric – limited supplies are also available. No previous sewing skills necessary. If you already have attended this class at another event, come and stitch with us!

Making a Bara Tape for 16th Century Costuming – Mistress Acacia de Navara

Suitable for: adults
Have you been interested in making some late 16th century clothing? Do you hanker after a true Juan de Alcega’s outfit? Have you been drooling over Mathew Gnagy modern makers books but not sure where to start? Come along and learn how to make a bara tape. Drafting without maths!

Lacing and buttons: clothing basics – Lianor Dos Cavelos

Suitable for: adults
Practical class on fastening your clothing. How to place your lacing holes, and make them strong and neat. Make a simple and quick lacing cord. And make buttons from your fabric straps to perfectly match your garment.

Tailoring Techniques – Mistress Rowan Perigrynne

Suitable for: adults
A class for competent sewers who want to lift their game! Overview of tailoring approach from pattern to finished garment. Key tools and materials. Hands-on techniques – basting, easing seams, pick stitch, catch-stitch, pad stitch, binding, slip linings. Please bring your own sewing kit.

Max. 12 hands-on, but others are welcome to watch and listen.

Patterning Sleeves – Mistress Rowan Perigrynne

Suitable for: adults
Do you struggle with making your sleeves fit you and your garment? This class will include an overview of how sleeve shapes changed over time, key sleeve measurements, basic sleeve draft, patterning different sleeve shapes and time for questions.

Gussets and Gores: Tunic Making with Rectangular Construction – THL Eleanora de la Birche

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
Introduction to making tunics and other garments which are shaped by rectangles and triangles. What is bias and straight cut and why does it matter? What are the different types of gores and how do you put them in?
This will be hands on. If you got stuck making one, bring it along.

Skin to Surface: Where to Start on a New Clothing Style – Lady Anna von der Ron

Suitable for: adults
Ever looked at a style and wanted to make an outfit, but not known where to start? Then this is the class for you! We’ll run through the basics of clothing analysis and how to get your kit to look just right.

Practical Fitting Forum

Suitable for: adults
Need an extra pair of hands to pin you into that cotehardie? Can’t quite reach to measure your own arm length? Bring along a costuming project and borrow a spare pair of hands to help you fit it right!
(Note: While this class will be held indoors, it will still be in a public area. Please plan your clothing so you don’t need to fully undress for fittings.)

Body Linens from ‘Patterns of Fashion’ and How to Draft Them – Mistress Marguerite de Rada y Sylva

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
Take a look at a few different shirts, shifts & smocks made using Patterns of Fashion plus learn the basics of creating your own pattern – it’s really straightforward, you just need grid paper and a tape measure (supplied)

Lucetting Made Easy – Mikhaila von Dhaun

Suitable for: adults, teenagers, older children with appropriate supervision
This class will help to make using your lucet easier with less tangles, frustrations or snapped threads.
Lucet kits will be available for purchase for $20.


Who had guns when? – Grisel Kincaid

Suitable for: adults, teenagers, older children with appropriate supervision
Tracing how firearms spread in the world in the years 1200-1600, and which political entities used and made them, with suggestions as to why. Mainly exposition from secondary sources.

World Events of 1519: A brief survey of current events 500 years ago – Anton de Stoc

Suitable for: adults, teenagers, older children with appropriate supervision
A brief country by country survey of who’s who, what’s what and what’s going on in 1519.

A Brief Introduction to Alchemy and Astronomy – Mistress Katherne Rischer

Suitable for: adults
How did people in Medieval Europe explain their world and the observations of life around them? A philosophy handed down from antiquity, join us for a brief introduction into medieval view on the elements and planetary movements.

Kitchen & Garden Arts

Curing Pork – Bjorn Pursassprengir

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
A hands on how to cure pork and make bacon.

Setting up a database of edible and useful plants – Master Seger Boom

Suitable for: adults
This is a forum to discuss ways to establish a database which will enable easy understanding of plants from our time period.

What Charlemagne Wanted in His Gardens – Master Seger Boom

Suitable for: adults
An introduction to the plants and plans of 8th-9th century gardens.

Bang for your buck: Impressive potlucks on a budget – Lady Felicia ad Aquam

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
Potluck Feasts are intended to be a more simple, casual event as opposed to a labour intensive traditionally organised feast. But they can also be quite intimidating. Time, money and confidence can make them seem like quite the challenge. Let’s get the ideas flowing and look into some options on making potlucks a bit more friendly.

Playing with Pepper – Kiriel du Papillon

Suitable for: adults, teenagers, older children with appropriate supervision
Come taste a range of peppers available in the medieval and renaissance period and chat about their qualities and use.

Camelia Sinensus – A Potted History, with Tea Tasting – Tailltiu ghoirt ruaidh

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
I’m going to talk about tea. Half the class will be focused on the history, the second half on the different varieties, how to brew them and what they taste like. Bring your own little tasting cup.

Metalwork & Woodwork

Viking Wire Weaving – Hrafnhildr Jóhansdottir

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
An introduction into Viking Wire Weaving, a practical class for beginners. All supplies included, max class size of 10 people. Roster to go up in the Information Tent.

Birka Bling and Viking Sparkles – Mistress Aliena de Savigny

Suitable for: adults
(A.K.A. Viking Passament) Let’s take a look at some of the silver and gold wire clothing decoration found in graves from the Viking settlement of Birka. We will look at the archaeological evidence, and some ways you might be able to make it. Class is mainly theory with some demonstration of materials. Some kits to have a go will be available for sale ($5 each, max 15 kits available), and one on one/small group tuition for this can be organised over the course of Rowany Festival.

Speedbuild Live: Making a Six-Board Chest – Dróttín Jón Húslangr

Suitable for: adults
This Boutique workshop offers participants a first foray into woodworking as our instructors guide them through constructing their own 6-board chest. Maximum 5 chests per workshop (more than one person can work on each chest), and there will be a $50 fee to cover materials.

Performance Arts

Nude Mimes and Goats: A Brief History of Theatre – Lady Jadwiga ze Katowice

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
A brief history of theatre with a click-bait title.

English Country Chrestomathy – Brian le faucheeur

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
A selection of English Country dances for those wishing an introduction to the language of English Country Dance.
No prior English Country Dance experience necessary. Dances taught depend on numbers and knowledge.
Or to treat as last minute revision for the Country Ball to occur later that evening on Friday.

Rounds from the Lant Roll – Master Crispin Sexi

Suitable for: adults
Learn to sing rounds from Thomas Lant’s Roll, newly transcribed by Master Crispin.

16th Century Italian Cascada and How to Fudge it – Alliette Delecourt

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
We’ll learn one or more 16th century italian cascada dances and learn how you can fudge your way through dances of the same style even without having good knowledge of the dance (and have fun doing so).

Bassa Toscana – Alliete Delecourt

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
A pretty, low impact 16th century Italian dance. All steps will be taught, no prior experience required, just bring your enthusiasm.

Intermediate Dancing – Anfridh

Suitable for: adults, teenagers, older children with appropriate supervision
An introduction to some of the intermediate and harder dances for those who have some dancing experience. Specifics taught will depend on who is present and their experience and needs.

Difficult Period Part Songs Workshop – Lady Annabel de Swinburne

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
Come ready for a challenge as we work through more difficult period part songs such as Monteverdi’s “Lasciate”.

Performance Skills – Lady Gwen verch David

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
How do you take a piece from successful execution in practice to a successful performance in front of an audience? Whether you’re a singer or a storyteller, a dancer or an instrumentalist, some things are consistent across performance types. This class will discuss the skills of getting a piece ready, dealing with stage fright and managing an audience.

Expressiveness in Performance – Lady Gwen verch David

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
Connection and communication with an audience lies at the heart of performance. This class will discuss voice projection, verbal clarity, body language, and more.

SCA Life

Volunteering and You – Lady Mairi of Kilravock

Suitable for: adults, teenagers, older children with appropriate supervision
Suffering from Burnout or Helium-Hand? This is the class for you! Learn to volunteer without compromising your mental or physical health.
Gold coin donation requested to cover printing costs.

Introduction to List Keeping – THL Eleanora de la Birche

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
How to run a lists table, and the mechanics and scoring for different styles of tourneys.

List Keeping for Beginners – Lady Anna von der Ron

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
This class is a basic run down of the most common types of tourney used in the SCA and how to run them, plus some handy tips for how to organise your heralds, marshals, and stewards when necessary.

Clearing Your Plate: Project management when there’s too much to do – Lady Gwen verch David

Suitable for: adults
As an officer, steward, volunteer, crafter, or simply an ordinary SCA member, chances are there have been times when you had too much to do…but couldn’t bear to let any of your projects go. This class is about managing your workload within each project so you can keep saying ‘yes’ to things without burning out.

Period Campsites – Mistress Rowan Perigrynne

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
A one-hour class about making your campsite more period, in a way that works for you and your group, plus lots of ‘how to’ inspiration at Atelier. Followed by a guided tour of other period campsites for more ideas.

Scribal Arts

Granting and Documenting Arms in the SCA Period – Mistress Leonie de Grey

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
An introduction to historical practices in the granting of arms and their documentation in Europe before 1600.

Scribal Alchemy – Mistress Katherne Rischer

Suitable for: adults
Alchemy in period was not limited to the study of Astronomy or Medicine but had practical applications across all areas of period life. This was also evident in the scribal practices of the day. Come along for a brief insight into these practices; no illumination or painting experience necessary.

Arts Martial*

Pell Work: Not Just Hitting the Thing! – Semeon Aleksandrovitch Dragon

Suitable for: adults, teenagers
An introduction to more advanced pell drills and exercises designed to help you get the most from that most undervalued of training aids.

An Introduction to SCA Rapier Fencing – Master William Blackwood

Suitable for: adults
If you are a newly authorized rapier fencer or would like to become one this session may be for you. You will need to bring along a sword and any other rapier gear you may have. We will not be doing full speed fencing but having some fun studying and practicing the basic practical concepts you will need to improve your SCA rapier fencing. Hope to see you there.

A Simple Wrestling Game – Grisel Kincaid

Suitable for: adults
Glima is a Scandinavian wrestling sport with a short rule-set and a long claimed history, making it quick to learn and possibly period-ish. It’s a good icebreaker when you find yourself surrounded by Vikings and don’t know what to talk about. In this class we’ll practice some moves which can help in reaching the game’s objective safely, including safer falling, then play and experiment competitively.

*Pending confirmation by Event Marshals