Third Annual Lochac Food Fight





Fri, 17/04/2020 - 11:00 to 13:00

You wanna see the great cooks Lochac has bread?

It’s time once again for the Annual Festival Food Fight!*  (not an actual food fight – there will not be any food thrown).  What bounteous platters will Lochac’s talented cooks provide this year?  Will there be sugar or meat comas?  Will Mistress Leoba once more get beaten by one of her own apprentices??

Bring forth your most plenteous platters, your most bountiful breads, your most creative condiments, your most succulent small goods, your most cultured cheeses and precious preserves!  Bring your entry and documentation and a contribution to Lochac’s Ultimate Hamper with the winner chosen by popular acclaim, taking away the hamper and winning the coveted prize of Taillevent’s Toque** (Extremely unlikely to be Taillevent’s actual toque)

So bring your most outrageous rillettes, saucy sausages, cheeky cheeses, delicious doughnuts, sexy sauces and marvellous mustards! Let Lochac’s horn of plenty rain forth!



Space will be provided in the tavern on the day of the Food Fight.  Bring along your food and a container to hold voting tokens.  The populace of Lochac will be provided with 3 voting tokens each.  They then taste each dish and may cast votes for up to 3 dishes (or they can give all their tokens to the same dish).  At the end of the competition (officially it will go for an hour, but the previous 2 have gone for much longer) the votes will be tallied and the person with the most votes wins.  The winner will receive the prize hamper, a toque which may or may not be Taillevent’s actual toque (supplied by last year’s winner) and bragging rights.


Bring along a single dish with documentation that will allow at least 20 people to have a small taste (remember, the more people taste, the more votes you’re likely to get!).  Small taste means a reasonable sized mouthful – we aren’t talking feast quantities here.  (Note: single dish could include a roast meat with sauce.  But it does not include a roast meat with sauce and a side dish of bacon.)

You will also need to provide a contribution to the prize hamper to be given to the winner.  This can be any small but extremely useful kitchen gadget (I love small whisks!) or any pantry item you think will be valued by a SCA cook (when in doubt, I doubt you could go wrong with pepper or any pack of spices.

You will also need to provide your own serving plates, utensils and cooking space if required.


Held near The Tavern and the Village Green

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