Stigh and Caristiona, Baron and Baroness of Rowany.

Caristiona and Stigh, Baroness and Baron of Rowany, extend their best wishes and greetings to the populace of Lochac.
It is with pleasure that we greet all those that would make the trip to Rowany Festival this year, the largest event in Lochac. It is an event that has something to offer everyone in our society each year, no matter what your interests.
The SCA is about the best of the middle ages. It is our privilege to be able to see that in the society. In particular, we enjoy seeing people acting with respect, courtesy and chivalry towards all as they participate in this great event.
We look forward to celebrating Rowany Festival with all of you, in not very long. We wish you the best for your preparations, and safe travels.
Caristiona and Stigh