The rapier and armoured fighter auctions at Rowany Festival are a grand spectacle and one of the largest tournaments on the calendar each year. They are also a significant fundraising event for the Kingdom. While these funds sit with the Barony of Rowany, they are available to any project that may benefit the Kingdom. You can read more about the fund and how to apply for a grant at

In order to accommodate the greatest number of entrants, there will be three different options for those wishing to participate, as we understand not everyone is comfortable with being publicly auctioned. They are:

  1. Publicly Auctioned
    1. Turn up on the night of the auction, present yourself to the herald and be sold in as raucous a fashion as possible 
    2. Once sold, proceed with your patron to make payment as normal
  2. Anonymously Auctioned
    1. For those who don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, but still wish to leave their patron to the hand of fate
    2. Select a moniker or a motto, make a list of your relevant combat awards/history and present this card to the herald who meets you in line and state you wish to be auctioned anonymously
    3. The herald will then make use of this information to spruik you, once sold make yourself known and proceed with your patron to make payment as normal
  3. Private Sale
    1. For those who do not wish to auctioned at all or wish to go to specific patron
    2. In an effort to ensure the growth of the FAT fund for the Kingdom and fairness for all patrons, there will be a minimum amount for a private sale
    3. This will be determined by the lowest amount a combatant of equivalent rank is sold for on the night
      1. For the purposes of “equivalent rank” we will be looking at your highest level kingdom award in that form of combat
      2. i.e. if your highest level award is a Red Wyvern and wish to make use of the private sale model, and the lowest price another person with a Red Wyvern as their highest award in your tournament is sold for is $50, your patron can pay $50 for you
    4. To make use of this method please present yourself and your patron at the end of the auction to register, determine, and make payment

We understand this is a slight change to previous years so if you have any questions, please let us know. 

Yours in Service,
Alain Quartier, Festival ‘23 Marshal in Charge & Anna van der Ron, Festival ‘23 Lists