The parking arrangements for this year’s festival will be similar to previous years. This means:

1. Ninety degree parking to the flagging tape. Flagging tape must be across the full width of the vehicle.
2. No flagging tape in front (or back) of your vehicle, or not across the full width of your vehicle?, YOU ARE IN A NO PARKING AREA AND/OR BLOCKING AN ACCESS ROAD. PLEASE MOVE YOUR CAR, NO EXCEPTIONS. This especially applies to within 300 metres of the access point to the car park.
3. If asked to move your vehicle by Gate staff, the Constables, other Festival staff or Wombaroo employees, please do so IMMEDIATELY.
4. Yellow and Black flagging tape marks trailer parking ONLY.
5. Red and White flagging tape marks car and truck parking.
6. Blue and White flagging tape marks the disability/reserved parking area near Gate. This area is for disability permit holders and other nominated permit holders ONLY.
7. Gate asssigned permits issued from previous years, for the disability/reserved parking area are not valid. New permits will need to be collected from Gate (current mundane disability parking permits, assigned to the driver of the vehicle, are OK).
8. There will be signposted zones for unloading/loading your vehicles near Gate. This will be on the access road ONLY. Please unload/load your vehicles there.
9. If the access road next to Gate has a barrier blocking access, that means NO ENTRY to site.

Sign in arrangements for this year have had some changes.

1. Electronic payments are now accepted at Gate. We prefer this method of payment.
2. Sign-in is done by mundane surname.
3. Have your car registration number handy (take a photo of your number plate with your mobile/cell phone to help remembering).
4. If you need to fill out paperwork (non-member forms, transfer of guardianship and the like) there will be a seperate queue. This will make sign-in quicker than last year. Please fill out the paperwork first, then join the sign-in queue.