imagesCA68AEH8Rowany Festival is the largest event in the Kingdom of Lochac, in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and is hosted by the Barony of Rowany every year during the Easter public holidays.

Rowany Festival AS 51 (2017) will be held at Camp Wombaroo, 162 Black Spring Rd, High Range (Map), from Thursday 13th April to Tuesday 18th April. Site opens to attendees from 2pm, Sunday 9th April and closes at 2pm, Tuesday 18th April. Book now!


If you have any offers of help, or challenges you’ve identified about Festival 2016, or suggestions for Festival 2017, email them to; post them on the Facebook group “Rowany Festival Discussion'”; or contact the stewards privately. The stewards for 2017 are Master Vandel Lynchea, Sir Andrew Daniels (AD), Mistress Bethan Daniels of Brockwood, and Mistress Helene du Puy.

Want to make your mark on Lochac? Be Steward of Rowany Festival 2018! See here for details, and send in your application by February 14th, 2017.


2017 Information

Draft Timetable 2017

What Festival Has to Offer

Arts and Sciences Competitions

Arts Martial


Boffer Tourney

Schola (Children’s Activities)

Bunkhouses (bookings now closed)

Volunteering at Festival



Note: The site rules changed in 2016, specifically with regards to traffic (car access is limited to marked roads, during specific periods); pits (no pits can be dug, including for fires and waste-water); and fires. Please refresh your memory of these rules before you arrive on site.

Frequently Asked Questions for 2017


  • Can I bring my car onsite Thursday afternoon?

YES. Cars will need to be removed before 9am on Friday morning. Any car on site on Thursday is only on site for long enough to drop-off. See the Site Rules.

  • If I can’t get to site before 9am Friday, how can I get my gear onsite?

There is a late arrivers/early leavers campsite near the Gate, so that you don’t have to carry your gear as far.

  • Can I drive my gear into my campsite?

No, you can only drive on the designated roads. Maps will be published closer to the event. See the Site Rules.

  • Can we stay onsite Tuesday night and leave Wednesday?

No, all Festival attendees must be off site by 2pm Tuesday 18th April.

  • When is the earliest I can set up my campsite?

Set-up day, Sunday 9th April at 2pm is the earliest.

  • When are portaloos being delivered onsite?

Monday, 10th April.

  • When will the hire equipment be delivered?

Mostly Monday and Tuesday, possibly some on Wednesday.


  • If we are setting up on the Wednesday and staying the night, do we need to book pre-event tickets for that night?

No, the night of Wednesday 12th is included in the full event booking. Bookings are available here.

  • Are pre-event bookings only necessary if you are staying overnight, or do we need them if we are just coming down during the day to set up tents?

Pre-event bookings needed for overnight only.

  • Is bedding included in my bunk booking?

No, you need to make your own arrangements for bedding. If you cannot bring your own, Mittagong has a Big W and Aldi, as well as op shops.

  • I booked, but now I can’t come; can I get a refund?

Contact NOTE: There are no refunds after 31st March 2016.


  • Does every campsite have a firepit on it?

No, we’ll let groups know if they have one in their area as best we can (you’ll recognise them by the log seating). You can set fires in braziers and off-ground fires if your campsite doesn’t have a firepit. See the Site Rules.

  • Can I use my butane canister “lunchbox” stove?

Yes, as long as it has proper gas approvals. Anything older than 8 months old, or without the proper gas approvals is suspect and may be dangerous; please don’t bring an explosion risk to Festival!

  • Is there a plan for people with camper trailers and campervans?

Yes, there is an RV section reserved (although no dump point).

  • Does my tent need white fabric tied to the ropes if the ropes themselves are white?

Yes. People with night blindness can better see the tag shape where lines disappear.

  • What is mobile phone coverage like at Wombaroo?

Reasonable but not great; you may need to move around to find a spot with coverage.

  • Can I use the powerpoints in the hall to charge my phone?

No, the wiring is bad and the kitchen fuses keep blowing. Please make other arrangements.


  • Can I buy alcohol at Festival?

We are still waiting on licence requirements from the local constabulary.

  • Can I still buy ice at Festival?


  • Can I buy food at Festival?

Yes, there are some food vendors, for example Greesispoone and Golden Gryphone.

  • Can I buy extra, souvenir tokens?

If there are any left over, yes, once the event is closed – contact the Stewards.

  • If I have too much to take home, can I donate it?

Yes, to ‘Paladin’s Pantry’, who will give sleeping bags, tents, unopened packet food, and unused fruit, vegetables, and eggs to Angels for the Forgotten.


  • What night is Boar’s Head?

Monday night, in the Tavern tent

  • Is there a soup kitchen Wednesday night?

YES, and/or you can bring your dinner and eat in company at the Long Hall.

  • Is there a soup kitchen Thursday night?

Yes, in combination with a Pot Luck Feast in the Great Hall.

  • What clothes should I wear to swim?

Wear what you are comfortable in and what is appropriate for wearing around children and in mixed company. If it also happens to be historical, great.

General information can be found throughout this site and in the booklets below. (Note: these booklets are for Rowany Festival 2015, and will be updated with new information soon.)

A4 version – Festival 2015 Booklet 240315 final

A5 version (smaller) – Festival 2015 Booklet 240315 final-small

Please also read: Draft Festival Parent Code of Conduct 150310

and: Festival Parental Supervision Guidelines v4.2 Final