imagesCA68AEH8Rowany Festival is the largest event in the Kingdom of Lochac, in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and is hosted by the Barony of Rowany every year, traditionally during the Easter public holidays.

Rowany Festival AS 52 (2018) will be held at Camp Wombaroo, 162 Black Spring Rd, High Range (Map); the Stewards for 2018 are Countess Beatrice and Duke Master Sir Alfar.
In 2018, Rowany Festival dates WILL NOT match the Easter public holidays, but instead the NSW School Holidays – more details follow; explanation post below.

RE: Rowany Festival 2018: Wednesday 18th April – Sunday 22nd April

Greetings Lochac,

I am happy to announce some news from the Rowany Festival Executive annual general meeting held recently: opening court is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday 18th April, and closing court is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday 22nd April.

Our Wombaroo liaison team has negotiated that we have all of Saturday 14th for the stewarding team to mark out the site and do other site setup, which means that a much greater proportion of Sunday 15th will be available for you our patrons to set up your own campsites. Current predictions are that general setup could start from 10am, instead of the current 2pm.

Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th will see setup of hire equipment, and then the Baroness and Baron of Rowany will open the event on the morning of Wednesday 18th.

The Stewarding team will try to keep the schedule as close to traditional as possible, but you should be prepared for change.

When Festival concludes, we expect that the Boar’s Head theatre will be on the Sunday 22nd night, and the following Monday 23rd will be packup, and Tuesday 24th the hire equipment will be extracted.

Wednesday 25th is the ANZAC day public holiday, or as we expect it to be subtitled: Rowany Festival Wash All The Things.

This timing keeps all of the formal Festival activities in a single week, which we hope will ease some of the pressure of leave requests.

Yours sincerely,


Populace Liaison Officer


Explanation Re: Festival 2018 date change from Easter to NSW School holidays 

Hello Lochac,
Those of you who have been to Rowany Festival recently will be aware that we are currently using a commercial campsite in New South Wales’s southern highlands, named Wombaroo. The primary business of Wombaroo is hosting school camps throughout the school term, and you might be interested to know that schools are charged at a much higher rate than Festival-goers. This is relevant because Wombaroo’s parent company has put an ultimatum upon us; move Festival to NSW School holidays, or pay a rate commensurate with normal school rates. This amounts to quadruple our usual rate.

As 2018 is also the last year covered by our current contract, we have been advised by Wombaroo management that any future contract would likely impose the same conditions. We have made some negotiations with Wombaroo already, but those principal terms are final.

We have discussed amongst ourselves a number of alternative plans, but for the sake of the least disruption to you our clientele, we have agreed to change the date of Festival 2018 to the NSW School holidays (in which the central Sunday is 22nd April 2018).

We have begun to investigate solutions for hosting Rowany Festival for 2019 and beyond, but nothing has been decided at this stage. You should expect to be part of the process as we examine our needs, wants and options

We hope that this notice comes early enough for you to easily update your arrangements, and we sympathise with any disruptions this may cause you.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Kinggiyadai, as the council’s Populace Liaison officer. You can also contact the Seneschal or Baronage of Rowany.

Do Not Contact Wombaroo directly; any queries for them should be directed to our Site Liaison: Alfar.

Yours sincerely,

Populace Liaison Officer
Rowany Festival Executive –


Rowany Festival AS 51 (2017) was held at Camp Wombaroo, 162 Black Spring Rd, High Range (Map), from Thursday 13th April to Tuesday 18th April.

Your Feedback about this event is encouraged!
“On behalf of the Rowany Festival Executive council and this year’s Festival Stewarding team, I’d like to invite you to let us know how Rowany Festival worked for you, and if there are ways we can improve for next year, and all the Festivals after that.

It’s 51 questions long, so prepare yourself a refreshing beverage and spend a little time helping us help you.
Regards, Kinggiyadai; Public Liaison Officer; Rowany Festival Executive”


If you have any offers of help, or challenges you’ve identified about Festival 2017, or suggestions for Festival 2018, email them to; post them on the Facebook group “Rowany Festival Discussion”; or contact the stewards privately.

Want to make your mark on Lochac? Be Steward of Rowany Festival 2019! See here for details. 

2017 Information

Lost and Found 2017 – has photos of found items at the end of the event. If you have found anything in your gear after unpacking, please email us a photo at; and please also let us know if you have lost anything.

Event recap and thanks:

Final Rowany Festival Missive 2017

***Event Recap***

The very first Little Rock War – the event that eventually grew into what we know today as Rowany Festival – was held in April 1982. That makes Rowany Festival 2017 the 35th year of the event, and boy was it a great one!

There were approximately 931 pre-booked for the event, with a final gate estimate of 1,001 people attending throughout the week. 77% of these attendees were on site full time, and 18 attendees were from overseas, hailing from New Zealand (12), the United States (5), and the Netherlands (1). Though records are incomplete, the top-attended Festivals appear to be one at Crossroads and the second Festival at Wombaroo, which appear to have had around 1,200 through the gate each.

Some of the highlights for the event include:

During the Opening Ceremonies, the war sides were led by the Baronage Rowany for the Old World Order, and Baronage Krae Glas for the New World Order. Old age and treachery… I mean, the status quo, won out for the day with Baronage Rowany and allies declared the victors of Rowany Festival wars 2017 and retaining their place at the right arm of the Crown.

On the heavy lists, Jarl Niall inn Orkneyskii bested Master Sir Kitan von Faulkenberg in the finals of the Heavy Fighter Auction Tournament, and the Combined Colleges being awarded the banner for the Heraldic Melee.

On the rapier lists, Don Angus Galbraith bested Master Caleb Adolphus in the finals of the Rapier Fighter Auction Tournament, Bonnetti’s Defence won the Teams Tournament for the third consecutive year, Lady Amanda Martel was victorious in the Ladies Rapier Tournament, Lady Catherine Glastonbury received the Queen’s Glove, and both Angus and Caleb won most of the other tournaments between them.
I don’t currently know the split, but there were approximately 130 combatants combined for the heavy and rapier auctions.

On the archery field, there were 9 scheduled archery events and as many as 41 participants in any given competition. In the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition (IKAC), the period division was won by Sigmund Spelmann, and the Open division by William de la Montaigne Coupe. In the round robin combat archery tournament of open field battles for two, Gillucan ua Tomaltaig was the winner, after a final duel with Jochen.

On the equestrian field, approximately 12 people rode 4 horses throughout the event, competing in a number of games using rings, fruit, spears, and jumps. Each of the horses was dressed in beautiful heraldic coats and it was a beautiful spectacle to behold. There was horseback archery as well, and one of the horses was even dressed as a unicorn!

In the Arts and Sciences area, there were three A&S competitions held at Rowany Festival for food, brewing and costuming. The capsule wardrobe competitions were won by Mildryth Thomaswyf for Anglo Saxon costuming, Lady Gwen verch David for 13th Century Wales costuming, and Master Járnulfr Þórólfsson for a Viking trader on the York-Hedeby-Kaupang route costuming. Lochac’s Ultimate Food Fight was won by Lady Tatianitska Iaroslavna, and the Brewers Guild competition for a cider with apples and one other ingredient was won by Lord Wulfgang Germanicus. Baroness Miriam Bat Shimeon was named the champion for the Worshipful Company of Broiderers (WCoB) for the year.

The Boar’s Head Theatre ran for the 10th consecutive year, run by Mistress Margie of Glen More. There were no less than 31 performances spanning 3 Acts and the atmosphere was electrifying as the audience were wowed with a puppet play, many songs, poems, and sagas – some humorous, some sombre.

This is but a smidgeon of the literal hundreds of activities that were run throughout Rowany Festival 2017, all of the balls, entertainments, wars, tournaments, the tavern frivolity, bardic circles, firelight games and fire twirling/breathing, market day, merchant stalls, coffee stops at the Alchemy Cave – we hope you all enjoyed yourselves and that you’ll be back next year to do it all again.

***Thanks from the Stewards***

Rowany Festival is finished for another year. All the tents have come down, and everyone has left for home (and the washing!). We hope you all had a great time, with friends old and new, enjoying the diverse entertainments that the SCA has to offer!

It’s time for thanks; this post is going to be long.
To our mighty team: Ceara, for running bookings and getting our message out; Aeron for creating a new solution to allow timetabling, and organising A&S; The Heralds Collective (aka Nimue, Elena, Eric, Adeliz and Pickel) for taking on Heralding at Festival with 24hrs notice (with Blod too sick to come), and doing a sterling job; Ant for maps and campsite allocations, making site setup so fast; Torfa for coordinating bunkrooms well and efficiently, making such a difference to travelers; Philippa, Waste Co-ordinator and inaugural Head of Team Ibis, for ensuring we step more gently on our earth; Max ‘of the Red Hat’, for organising transport for travelers, while a traveller himself; Altani, for timetabling a seriously complex event, and then organising printing as well; Clara, for running Chirurgeon, both the St Johns volunteers, as well as the overnight SCA volunteers; Hanbal, for trialling a new setup for the Constables, and Macca for backing him up; Declan for running Gate (after years of Lyssa’s leadership) and bedding in a new sign in system; Elizabeth, for organising Lists, and seeking and trialling a new system to run the lists for the biggest tourney in the Kingdom; Anne de Tournais, for her new ideas on handling volunteers (the lifeblood of Festival); Rowland, for being Marshal in charge, and running wars which went quickly and well; Raegan, for running Rapier, and Angele, for running Archery; Marozia, for being Merchant Coordinator; Ginevra, for running Schola; Emelye, for being Equestrian Marshal; Gwen, for editing the website to a far more accessible state, and Jude, for formatting that to a handbook which was pleasant to read; Monique, for Greesispoone, the food plan which makes life easier for so many; and Isabella Millefiori, for the Tavern, purveyors of fine beverages.

Thanks too, to the Barony of Rowany officers and Festival Executive: the Hospitallers, Meg and Diego, who ensure the loaner gear is available at the gate; the Reeve, Arabella, for reconciling the payments; the Acquisitor, William Redfox, for driving gear in; the Baron and Baroness of Rowany, Miles and Ameline, from whose deeds the harmony of our Barony springs; the Seneschal, Unnr, for her support over many months; Collette, for the submission of the official paperwork; Skarpethin, previous Steward, for answers to our questions; Kinggiyadai, for the Survey (due by the end of the week); and Alfar, without whom Festival would not be what it is.

We traditionally have 12 event tokens gilded and handed to those who especially helped us, and this year that was augmented by the gifts of hipflasks, and a plate, in memory of Mistress Francesca Cellini, for one who did the most. The tokens went to: the Heralds Collective, for stepping up at no notice; Ceara, Aeron, Anne, Hanbal, Philippa, and Declan, for their various innovations in their roles; Bartholomew Baskin (in absentia), who made the system which made the improved gate possible; and Amos Ironbeard, who worked hugely to help get the event set up, and as duty Steward at times during the event. The hipflasks went to Clara, Max, and Thomas van der Hove, for site setup henchman activities; to Philippa, for taking on hand sorting of our recycling; and to Wombaroo staff themselves. Elena received the plate, and our thanks, for her site henchman work and her Herald Collective work.

And yet, I haven’t made mention of the people who ran various events throughout Festival (Christine for the Games; Gavriil for the Children’s Boffer Tourney; tourneys, balls, theatre, and so on), or who made things for the event (Elizabet Hunter for the painted banners; Sveinn for the tokens; Obbi for the tourney software; Annabel de Swinburne for the new tabards; etc.), or all those who joined one or more of the volunteering teams that do so much- we couldn’t have done it without you.
And finally, the populace – thank you for taking the time and care to look after your campsites, your portaloos, and each other. There was very little to do on a final check over site yesterday, which made some weary Stewards very happy.
What a wonderful celebration of our Society Rowany Festival is. Looking forward to next year yet? Hope to see you there!

Our greatest thanks to the Stewards of this year, and best wishes for the Stewards for Rowany Festival 2018. We hope to be seeing you again next year for the premier event in Lochac

-The Honourable Baroness Ceara Shionnach
Rowany Festival 2017

Festival Handbook 2017 – includes all site rules, Emergency Evacuation rules, greetings from the Crown and B&B, directions to site, merchants list (as at 3/4/17) and information about the site, amenities, timetable and activities. (Full timetable details and full activity guide available separately shortly.)

Timetable 2017: Be aware that while all your familiar favourites are happening, they may not be at quite the time you expect, especially martial activities, so have a read

Campsite Map: the version at the gate will be the final version, but here is a preliminary version

What Festival Has to Offer: An overview of the many and varied activities that are planned

Volunteering at Festival: A list of the positions that we need volunteers for

Contacts: Email addresses for the Stewarding team and their many helpers


Note: The site rules changed in 2016, specifically with regards to traffic (car access is limited to marked roads, during specific periods); pits (no pits can be dug, including for fires and waste-water); and fires. Please refresh your memory of these rules before you arrive on site.

Frequently Asked Questions for 2017


  • Can I bring my car onsite Thursday afternoon?

YES. Cars will need to be removed before 9am on Friday morning. Any car on site on Thursday is only on site for long enough to drop-off. See the Site Rules.

  • If I can’t get to site before 9am Friday, how can I get my gear onsite?

There is a late arrivers/early leavers campsite near the Gate, so that you don’t have to carry your gear as far.

  • Can I drive my gear into my campsite?

No, you can only drive and park on the designated roads. Maps will be published closer to the event. See the Site Rules.

  • At the end of the event, can we stay onsite Tuesday night and leave Wednesday?

No, all Festival attendees must be off site by 2pm Tuesday 18th April.

  • When is the earliest I can set up my campsite?

Set-up day, Sunday 9th April at 2pm is the earliest you can be on site.

  • When are portaloos being delivered onsite?

Tuesday , 11th April.

  • When will the hire equipment be delivered?

Mostly Monday and Tuesday, possibly some on Wednesday.


  • If we are setting up on the Wednesday and staying the night, do we need to book pre-event tickets for that night?

No, the night of Wednesday 12th is included in the full event booking. Bookings are available here.

  • Are pre-event bookings only necessary if you are staying overnight before the event opens, or do we need them if we are just coming down during the day to set up tents?

Pre-event bookings needed for overnight visits only.

  • Is bedding included in my bunk booking?

No, you need to make your own arrangements for bedding. If you cannot bring your own, Mittagong has a Big W and Aldi, as well as op shops.

  • I booked, but now I can’t come; can I get a refund?

Contact NOTE: There are no refunds after 31st March 2016.


  • Can I dig trenches around my tent in case of rain?


  • Can I dig a firepit and fill it in again later?

No. You can set fires in braziers and off-ground fires if your campsite doesn’t have a firepit.

  • Does every campsite have a firepit on it?

No, we’ll let groups know if they have one in their area as best we can (you’ll recognise them by the log seating). You can set fires in braziers and off-ground fires if your campsite doesn’t have a firepit. See the Site Rules.

  • Can I use my butane canister “lunchbox” stove?

Yes, as long as it has proper gas approvals. Anything older than 8 months old, or without the proper gas approvals is suspect and may be dangerous; please don’t bring an explosion risk to Festival!

  • Is there a plan for people with camper trailers and campervans?

Yes, there is an RV section reserved (although no dump point).

  • Does my tent need white fabric tied to the ropes if the ropes themselves are white?

Yes. People with night blindness can better see the tag shape where lines disappear.

  • What is mobile phone coverage like at Wombaroo?

Reasonable but not great; you may need to move around to find a spot with coverage.

  • Can I use the powerpoints in the hall to charge my phone?

No, the wiring is bad and the kitchen fuses keep blowing. Please make other arrangements.

  • Can I bring nuts to Festival?

All buildings at Wombaroo are nut-free, but you may consume nuts and nut-products in your campsite as long as you are thorough and careful in disposing of your waste


  • Can I buy alcohol at Festival?

Yes! The Tavern will be selling alcohol from Thursday to Sunday between the hours of 4pm and midnight. During these times, there are to be no weapons on the premises (eating knives are fine), no glass drinking vessels or individual serve bottles brought to the premises, and no under-18s may be within a metre of the bar. Alcohol purchased in the Tavern may not leave the premises. Ice and soft drinks will be available from midday, Thursday to Monday. Tavern mugs will be on sale on Saturday from midday until sold out.

  • Can I still buy ice at Festival?


  • Can I buy food at Festival?

Yes, there are some food vendors, for example Greesispoone and Golden Gryphone.

  • Can I buy extra, souvenir tokens?

If there are any left over, yes, once the event is closed – contact the Stewards.

  • If I have too much to take home, can I donate it?

Yes, to ‘Paladin’s Pantry’, who will give sleeping bags, tents, unopened packet food, and unused fruit, vegetables, and eggs to Angels for the Forgotten.


  • What night is Boar’s Head?

Monday night, in the Tavern tent.

  • Is there a soup kitchen Wednesday night?

YES, and/or you can bring your dinner and eat in company at the Long Hall.

  • Is there a soup kitchen Thursday night?

Yes, in combination with a Pot Luck Feast in the Great Hall.

  • What clothes should I wear to swim?

Wear what you are comfortable in and what is appropriate for wearing around children and in mixed company. If it also happens to be historical, great.