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Rowany Festival takes the hard work of many people to run successfully. Each year, Stewards step up to take on the challenge. They are ably assisted by others who manage specific facets of the organisation on behalf of the Stewards.

If you see a position vacant that you think you could fill, contact the stewarding team!

Contacts for Rowany Festival 2024 (as at 16 Jan 2024

Rapier Marshal:Hrafn inn Ruathi
Newcomers Coordinator: Development Application:Nicodemus Novello
Stewards: Baron Gilchrist and Duke Rowland
Deputy Steward: Duke Alfar of Attica  
Camp Allocations & Mapping: Unnr and Ant
Merchant Coordinator: Steina Silfrsmiðr
Rowany Senate Representative: Alfar of Attica
Tavern: Combined Colleges  
Bookings: Mistress Slaine inghean Ui Ruadhain
Website & Comms: Countess Bea
Gate and Parking Coordinator: Master Declan of Drogheda
Timetable: Altani Khaligu Bekhi
Herald Coordinator: Lady Merione French
Arts & Sciences Coordinators: Gwen Ferch David, Isabella Semeonova & Isabel Claworth
Constable: Mistress Lillian dÁth
Chirurgeon and St Johns Liaison: Mistress Clara Bonaventure
Rubbish/Recycling (Team Ibis 2.0): Grainne Uaine and Goblin Household
Marshal in Charge: Lord Galen Wulfric
Heavy Marshal: Lord Christopher Longstaff
Heavy War Marshal: Orlok Hanbal al Barbari
Archery Marshal: Gillucan ua Tomaltaig
Equestrian Marshal: Teneg Yagaan
Lists: Lady Anna von der Ron
Cabin Coordinator: Mistress Ant of Saint Cloud
Youth Coordinator: AronBjorn Tarricksson 
Asset Coordinator: Skarp-Hedin Sverdvapnir
Transport Coordinator Torcaill mac Léoid mhic Íomhair 
Volunteer Coordinator: TBC   
Information Tent: Lord Seumus Gaskin 
Decorations Coordinator: Mistress Aeshcine of Arran  
Dance Coordinator: Lady Annabel Clemens
Set-Up Coordinator: Vandal Lyncea & Dytryk Leher 
Pack-Up Coordinator: Vandal Lyncea & Dytryk Leher 

Need Further Help?

If you believe there is something the Stewarding Team cannot resolve for you, or if you wish to make a complaint, please email the Seneschal for the Barony of Rowany.