Once you have reached Camp Wombaroo, follow the signs to the camping area. You must stop at the Gatekeeper’s lodge where if you have not already booked you will be required to register, read and sign the site rules and waiver and be given your token.

When you arrive at Rowany Festival you will need to show proof of membership and indemnity at the gate. If you are unable to prove membership you will have to pay the insurance surcharge. Please ensure you have your membership card handy to help prevent a back log at the gate.

Your token is proof of payment; please carry it with you. There will be a map that indicates where campsites have been allocated, and the campsites will be signposted. If you have not booked a campsite, please speak to the gatekeepers and they will advise you of where you can camp.

Please take care when driving on site, and keep your speed to a minimum. Although we will have no trouble with dust, we would like to keep the grass intact, so the site does not immediately become a muddy quagmire. As such, cars are required to stay on the ‘roads’ marked with white stones.