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Participants are reminded that if they are unwell or showing cold or flu-like symptoms, they must not attend.

The Kingdom Seneschal has announced several changes to the SCA Code of Conduct effective 1st of January 2022 that will impact Rowany Festival 2024

Please see the variations below,

For attendees at SCA Lochac events, the following expectations have been temporarily added to
the Code of Conduct (both SCA Ltd and SCANZ) to ensure a safe experience for all participants:

• people may not attend in person events if they are currently unwell, or have experienced COVID like symptoms within the past 72 hours
• attendees must not vilify any person for wearing a face covering, and
• appropriate physical distancing must be maintained in accordance with local jurisdictional requirements.

Sláine inghean Ui Ruádhain
Bookings Officer
Rowany Festival

National COVIDSafe Framework (PDF)



Staying HealthyHealth-Safety

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Wash your hands regularly – soap or disinfectant is available in all portaloos, but consider bringing your own hand sanitiser and keeping it on your person
  • Wear shoes, sunscreen, and a hat
  • Avoid sharing water bottles or drinking vessels
  • Avoid drinking alcohol to excess
  • Make sure all wounds and sores are treated immediately to avoid infection
  • When walking through bushland, be aware that there may be leeches, spiders, or snakes around, and take care
  • Bring a campsite first aid kit
  • Wash your hands before handling food, and ensure all food is stored appropriately and all meat is cooked thoroughly
  • If you have any symptoms of diarrhoea or gastroenteritis, stay AWAY from all food preparation and notify the Chirurgeonate.

Above all, if you have any concerns about your health, visit the Chirurgeons’ Tent or contact the Chirurgeonate. Small problems, left untreated, can become larger quickly. Please note, however, that outside the hours of 9-5, the Chirurgeonate are only available for emergencies.



Pre-existing Conditions

If you have a medical condition that could affect you during Festival then please notify the Chirurgeonate on arrival and fill in a Confidential Medical Information form, and let someone within your encampment know of the form’s whereabouts should it be required. Please get all pre-existing medical conditions checked before coming to Festival.

Make sure you bring any necessary medication with you, and let people in your campsite know about any specific medical needs. (For example, asthma that might require you to be careful around smoke, or allergies.)




For people with mobility related issues there will be a disabled portaloo provided free of charge located near the Tavern. Disabled Portaloos will also be available for hire should individual campsites require them. There is an RV parking area for people who may have mobility related issues and who wish to bring campervans onto site.

Please contact the Bookings Officer for more information.



In Case of Emergency

Bring your Medicare card in case you need prescription medication or medical treatment beyond basic first aid.

If you do need to go to hospital DO NOT TAKE KNIVES OR SWORDS with you, and take them off inebriated people who have to go, too. These items are dangerous, and hospital staff should not have to deal with people carrying them.

Be aware that ambulance cover is not provided by the state, and many private health insurance policies are very limited in what they cover. Consider ambulance cover, as many states have reciprocal agreements with NSW.