Rowany Festival is the largest event in the Kingdom of Lochac. Affectionately shortened to just ‘Festival’, it is hosted each year by the Barony of Rowany over the Easter long weekend. Festival has been held in many locations, and is currently in the cooler climes of Camp Wombaroo in the Southern Highlands, near Mittagong.

We have used this site since 2014. The climate tends towards dry and cool (although be prepared for rain). Nights can be quite cold. The ground is sloping over most of the site, and drains well. There are areas set aside for war, archery, equestrian and social activities, including a large permanent Bardic Circle. The site also has dorms available for travellers.

Rowany Festival has a number of traditional activities that draw people from near and far:

We have Arts and Sciences classes and activities running right through Festival so there is plenty of opportunity to learn more about the many skills practiced and beautiful things produced. There’s singing (the Bardic Circle is always a hit), dancing (two balls are held each Festival), various Guild meetings (such as the Fibre Guild, Brewers, Vintners and Imbibers Guild, and The Worshipful Company of Broiderers to name a few), and Laurel Prize, one of the biggest show-and-tells in the kingdom.

It isn’t all fun and games though, oh no! We also get down to some good old fashioned medieval fighting, with martial arts in various disciplines. There are a number of combat tournaments for fencing, archery and heavy combat you can partake in or watch. Depending on how friendly the neighbouring lands are at the time, there may even be a WAR! (Who are we kidding, we’ll always find an excuse to have a war 🙂 ) With various scenarios and anywhere up to a few hundred fighters, war day is quite a spectacle to behold and brilliant fun to be a part of! Veteran knights through to absolute beginners are welcome (although you will need to be authorised to participate in many activities – we take safety VERY seriously). You can always find someone to practice with, learn from or talk to. We may like fighting, but deep down are quite a friendly lot.

There are also various merchant stalls surrounding the Village Green in case you are in the mood to buy. In case that isn’t enough, Market Day transforms the tavern and surrounding area into a buzzing colourful market bazaar. Basically, if you see something here or even here, you will likely find some kind of activity or event for it at Festival AND will easily find a whole bunch of people to talk with about it.

Children are welcome at Festival, with more coming every year. Scheduled children’s activities include arts and crafts, story time, the Children’s Ball, and good old fashioned boffer fighting. We only ask that parents are mindful of the Child Safety Rules, and ensure adequate supervision at all times.

For more information, please have a look around the site. The following pages are a good place to start: