Campsite Information

  • Unallocated attendees will be allocated a campsite at the Gate
  • There is an RV parking area, however, be aware there are no power or water hookups, no dump, and no fires can be made in the area due to the tree cover
  • To qualify for an assigned campsite, your group must have 5 (or more) registered adult attendees, including a nominated Warden and Deputy. All Camp Wardens will need to fill out a survey.
  • Groups with less than 5 adults will be given space in the ‘unassigned’ block, marked out on arrival on a first in, best spot basis
  • Maps are constructed after bookings close with larger, established groups getting priority placement
  • Land will consult with your Warden to determine placement of portaloos and marquees, and will advise them of the total number booked for that campsite, the estimated perimeter, and distance to water source, portaloo, and drain
  • Wardens are welcome to register requests with Land, but they may not be feasible
  • Before you begin setting up your campsite, consult both the map at the gate and a member of the Stewarding team


Below is the 2024 site map

Festival 2024 Site map PDF

To discuss any item relating to Land allocation and usage please email the