imagesCA68AEH8Rowany Festival 2022
Wednesday 13 April to Monday 18 April


Their Excellencies Stigh and Cairistiona invite one and all to Rowany Festival 2022.  This is the largest event for the Society of Creative Anachronism in Australia, featuring battles, tournaments, merchants and markets, camping, classes, competitions and courts, entertainments and much more.

Rowany Festival is six days of the finest festivities on offer.



April 20th

The campsites are packed up, the fields are clear, the friends have set out for home. Thank you to everyone who worked to make Rowany Festival a success this year – the Exec committee, the stewarding team, the volunteers, the people who taught classes and ran activities, and all. Much love to everyone, and see you next year.


April 8th

(1) CLASS DESCRIPTIONS are now up on the Rowany Festival website.

(2) DUE TO HEAVY RAIN, the campsite map will need some rearranging to move
a few campsites to higher ground. A new map will be available at the
site. We also suggest you pack gumboots to keep your feet warm and dry.
There is a warning sign on Wombeyan Caves road, however the road is clear
as far as the turn off to Wombaroo.

(3) Thank you to everyone who has VOLUNTEERED so far for the various roster
duties that help Rowany Festival run smoothly. The volunteer sheets have
now been printed and will be available at the Officer’s Tent. There are
still plenty of spots available, so please consider coming along to the
officer’s tent during the event and adding your name to a vacant slot.


April 5th

One week to Rowany Festival!

(1) TIMETABLE has been updated on the website. No Changes to timetables
will be made after tonight, 5th April. Changes after this date will need to
go via the Officers tent and into the daily announcements.

(2) AUCTIONS for Heavy, Rapier and Kids Boffer tournaments will be cash
free. DO NOT BRING CASH to these auctions. Card payments via Square only.

(3) ON THE OTHER HAND, NO ATM ONSITE this year, so please consider bringing
cash for market day purchases.

(4) TUESDAY NIGHT SOUP KITCHEN will be run by Team Innilgard. There will be
two soups – one meat, one vegan. Both gluten and dairy free. Full
ingredient list available on request. There will also be bread.
The soup kitchen is free for attendees and is provided by Rowany Festival.

(5) THE TAVERN TENT and other communal areas, please remember to leave them
in a state that people will want to use. Eg trash disposal into the
appropriate bin.

(6) PARENTS should review the child supervision rules on the website.
Check the Scholar page.

Festival this year. This includes people who are just coming for one day.


April 3rd



April 1st (no really!)

(1) CHECK MEMBERSHIP CARD if you are a member to make sure it hasn’t
expired.  Renew before attending Festival!

(2) BAGS OF ICE will be available from Duke Thjodrekr this Rowany
Festival.  Either contact him beforehand by emailing
to ensure your order or purchase directly from him at the event.

(3) EQUIPMENT BOOKINGS CLOSE SATURDAY 2 APRIL so that we can finalise the
orders.  This includes:

Cooking equipment
Private portaloos

Head to the equipment booking form on the Festival website ASAP to finalise
your campsite order.

(4) NO ATM ONSITE this year, so please consider bringing cash for market
day purchases.  The Auction Tournaments will take card payments only.

Running the auction tournaments – contact
List volunteers for tournaments – contact

(6) TIMETABLE will be finalised soon so please contact Altani on for any meetings or other activities that need to be

The kids items are (mostly) on the timetable now too.  And soon the arts
and sciences classes will be up.

(7) ANYONE WORKING WITH KIDS needs to have a wwcc or interstate
equivalent.  Please check your’s is valid before the event.

(8) THE ST JOHNS VOLUNTEERS REQUIRE FEEDING in the evenings.  Thank you to
the campsites who have currently offered, but a couple of nights are still
wanted.  If your campsite could step in for a night and keep these fine
gentles fed, please contact Vidar at

(9) Ant is seeking a MARKET DAY MERCHANT COORDINATOR deputy.  If you can
help out please email

(10) THE MARSHALS, Sir Ysambart and his five deputy marshals will have a
very full timetable this year. He would love all marshals who are able to
help make themselves known to help run the various

IN ADDITION what we really need the most this year is volunteer Heralds and
Lists keepers. If we get volunteers, we will run the tournaments everyone
knows and loves. If not, we will need to change to ‘no herald and no lists’
formats. Please contact for lists and Medb ingen ind
Iasachta for heralds.

(11) SEEKING A GATE DEPUTY – if you like sitting down and meeting new faces
please contact Amelia de la Mere on

(12) ATTENDEE BOOKINGS ARE CLOSED!  Thank you to Slaine for doing a
wonderful job with bookings.  Only booked attendees may attend Rowany
Festival this year, and that includes day-trippers.


March 30th



March 28th

(1) ATTENDEE BOOKINGS CLOSE TOMORROW, Tuesday the 29th of March. You must
book if you are planning to attend or day trip!

(2) ADDITIONAL PORTALOOS have been found! If your campsite would like its
own private portaloo, head to the Equipment Booking Form. While stocks

(3) VOLUNTEERING IS A GREAT WAY TO MAKE FRIENDS – We’re still needing more
First Aiders (“chirurgeons”), Constables, People on Gate, Cleaning and so
forth. Head to the website to Sign Up.


March 27th

(1) ATTENDEE BOOKINGS CLOSE THIS TUESDAY the 29th of March. You must book
if you are planning to attend or day trip!

(2) FIREWOOD – Campsites can purchase handy pre-cut bulk firewood, or can
collect fallen wood and kindling for free from the site.

NOTE: Our original firewood supplier this year was to be Wombaroo
themselves, but due to unexpected circumstances they’re unable to get time
to do the axe work. Instead we’ve reverted to our usual supplier from
previous years. Unfortunately that means a change in price back up to
normal market rates.

To purchase firewood use the equipment bookings form from the Festival
website. It can be bought in 1 cubic meter or half cubic meter batches.

(3) SPEAKING OF EQUIPMENT BOOKINGS, this form also includes marquees,
tables, chairs, straw and hay bales, gas bottles and cookers. If your
campsite needs these things, please book them ASAP.

(4) The timetable has been updated to show children’s activities and
meetings. There are plenty of wonderful activities for children, but if
you want to run a meeting, please let Altani know.


March 25th


(2) ATTENDEE BOOKINGS CLOSE THIS TUESDAY the 29th of March. It’s very
nearly TWO WEEKS to Festival… Book now!

(3) Golden Gryphon have unfortunately had to pull out of Festival this
year. This means we sadly do not have any food vendors. Please bring your
own food or join a campsite food fund in order to stay nourished.

(4) VOLUNTEERS – We’re still needing more First Aiders (“chirurgeons”),
Constables, People on Gate, Cleaning and so forth. Head to the website to
Sign Up.

(5) FIRE BALL – This year there will be dancing on the Village Green before
the Fire Tourney on Friday night. This is like a regular ball, but with

(6) LISTS OFFICER SEEKS VOLUNTEERS – Elizabeth Foxel is seeking volunteers
for running lists for tournaments. Please PM her on Facebook or email


March 20th

(1) VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Sign-up now includes Constable shifts. And we
especially need First Aid people to cover the evening shifts after St Johns
knock off.

To sign up for these and other helpful jobs, head to the Festival website,
or go directly to

(2) The TIMETABLE is updated on the website. Go check it out!

(3) While you’re there, have a look at the MERCHANT page to find out what
fantastic wares you can purchase at Rowany Festival.

(4) BOOKINGS CLOSE Tuesday the 29th of March. Bookings are mandatory for
attending Rowany Festival this year. Book now!


March 14th

(1) FOR SHOWERS, campsites are strongly encouraged to make their own
arrangements as per the site rules (  This year however we’re
going to try out having a small number of the showers in the permanent
block be available all day.  Preference for use goes to people in the bunk
rooms, people with special needs, and for parents with small children. But
assuming there’s not a queue, other attendees can also use them.

(2) LISTS OFFICER SEEKS VOLUNTEERS – Elizabeth Foxel is seeking volunteers
for running lists for tournaments.  Please PM her on Facebook or email

(3) DRAFT CAMPSITE MAP is now up on the website.  Could campsite wardens
please check it out and provide feedback to
for any issues.

(4) NEXT PRICE RISE TOMORROW Tuesday the 15th of March.  Bookings are
mandatory for attending Festival this year.  Book now!


March 11th

(1) NO ONSITE ATM this Festival.  While some merchants may have square or otherwise take cards, please consider bringing some cash for market purchases.

(2) REMINDER EQUIPMENT BOOKINGS are online now.  Stock is limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

(3) NEXT PRICE RISE is this Tuesday the 15th of March.  Bookings are mandatory for attending Festival this year.  Book now!


March 5th

(1) THE EVENT COVID-19 PLAN has been updated, based on feedback from attendees and discussion with Wombaroo.  In particular this update is aimed at:

– Looking after people who have a long way to travel so cannot leave straight away.
– Removing QR code check-ins for communal indoor areas within the site.

(2) EQUIPMENT BOOKINGS are now open.  Please note that there are limits on some items – we’re working with a new supplier who is local to the area and they don’t have exactly what the old supplier had.  If you can’t book the item it has likely sold out.   Please follow the below link to make your bookings.

If you want something that’s not on the list, please let the steward know.

(3) FESTIVAL RUNS ON VOLUNTEERS.  To make it run smoothly we need YOUR help.  Volunteering is also a great way to meet people and find out what’s going on.  We’re using to manage volunteering this year.

Currently volunteer spots are available for:
– Gate / sign-in / traffic direction
– Evening and overnight chirurgeon (first aid)
– Herald announcements
– Officer’s tent / info point
– Village Green bin duty

To sign up, head to the Festival website, or go directly to

(4) TICKET PAYMENT PLANS need to be paid In full two weeks BEFORE the event.  This is so that we have time to reconcile the payments.

(5) NO SALTY BINT TAVERN this year, but we’re looking into options for providing ice.

(6) NEXT PRICE RISE is 15th of March.  Bookings are *mandatory* to attend Festival.  Book now!


February 27th

(1) CAMPSITE WARDENS make Rowany Festival happy and full of joy. They
ensure there is a constant point of contact between the organisers and your
campsite family, and very importantly, they are compulsory for every

Can all campsite wardens please fill in the survey linked below.
Please contact Unnr at with any questions or

(2) WE HAD HOPED to get out a revised COVID-Safe plan this weekend, however
we don’t have all of the answers yet. We will continue to work on aspects
of it that we’ve received feedback about. Thank you to everyone who has
provided feedback so far.

When asked by one of the event team during the week, NSW health said that
under current rules, anyone who has travelled in via public transport and
subsequently tests COVID positive cannot use public transport to go home.
They must find local accommodation and isolate themselves there (if they
need funding to pay for it, they can apply for Pandemic Leave Disaster
Payment). For other travelers, they are allowed to travel up to 3 hours
from site to get to somewhere safe to self isolate. If they need to travel
further than 3 hours they must either find local accommodation, OR complete
a COVID-Safe travel plan and follow the rules for safe travel.

A COVID-Safe travel plan is something you make for yourself and might have
to provide to NSW Health if they ask for it. The template can be found here:

In particular the plan includes some very good safety instructions that I
suggest everyone try to follow on the way to and from Rowany Festival.

But this is about *Current Rules*. What is very apparent is that the
government rules about what to do regarding COVID-19 are continuing to
change every week. NSW Health suggested we call and check in closer to the
actual date, which we shall do.

(3) THE SALTY BINT TAVERN will not be running this year due to additional
COVID requirements on the licence that make it unfeasible.  We are sorry
that the Tavern won’t be there this year and hope that next year things are

(4) CURRENTLY NO MEETINGS have been scheduled.  Calling all guilds, peerage
orders, officers, the SCA Ltd, and so forth – if you want a meeting at
Rowany Festival please let the timetable officer know (email with the following details:

Name of meeting
Preferred day/time and venue.

(5) DO YOU KNOW stuff about things?  Then you should consider sharing that
knowledge!  If you would like to teach a class please contact the A&S
Officer at

(6) FESTIVAL IS ONLY 6 (and a bit) weeks away!  Book now.


February 20th

The Rowany Festival 2022 COVID-19 Safety Plan has been released. This plan details requirements for attendees and measures put in place to minimise risk from COVID-19 for this year’s festival.  Constructive feedback on this plan is appreciated and should be sent to the Rowany Festival Steward.


February 16th

An important part of this year’s Rowany Festival is the COVID-19 plan,
including measures for minimising health risks for attendees.  We’re
anticipating releasing that plan later this week, at which time we’ll also
allow for constructive feedback in case there are any issues with it.

Because the plan is yet to be released, we have made the decision to extend
the first price rise for Rowany Festival tickets to this Sunday evening the
20th of Feb.  This will allow concerned attendees to read the plan and make
a decision on booking.


February 12th

1) The DRAFT timetable is now available.  If you would like to add to the timetable please contact the steward at

2) Children’s activities confirmed activities for this year are:
– Children’s garb swap – bring all the things your little one has grown out of, and swap with other parents so we can all do less sewing,
– Children’s boffer tourney,
– Kids vs Knights battle,
– Rapier classes for kids,
– A&S classes: Singing and filk-writing, board games, origami, illumination, weaving a small piece of cloth,
– Kids archery.

3) Reminder that if you would like to teach a class please contact the A&S Officer at and if you would like to run another sort of activity please contact the steward at

4) Book now!  First price rise is on the 20th of Feb, just days away.


February 5th

1) Festival runs on volunteers.  To make it run smoothly we need YOUR
help.  Volunteering is also a great way to meet people and find out what’s
going on.  We’re using to manage volunteering this year.

Currently volunteer spots are available for:
– Gate / sign-in / traffic direction
– Night-time chirurgeon (first aid)
– Herald announcements
– Officer’s tent / info point
– Village Green bin duty

To sign up, head to the volunteers page, or go directly to

2) A few people have asked, so we want to be clear: If you have booked and
paid for Festival, but can’t make it due to COVID-19, you will get a full
refund on the ticket price.  The same applies in the unlikely event that
Rowany Festival gets cancelled.


February 1st

I wanted to take the opportunity to provide certainty and clarity on some
parts of Festival 2022.

I have been in close consultation with the Rowany Festival Executive
Committee, as well as Kingdom Seneschal and the Rowany Festival Steward.

I can say, with confidence, that Rowany Festival 2022 WILL be going ahead.

I – along with the Stewarding Team, Kingdom Seneschal and Deputy Kingdom
Seneschal for COVID- are developing and will be putting in place a COVID-
Safe Plan, to work alongside the Response Plan, including the amended Code
of Conduct, that can be found on the Seneschal Website. This Response Plan
will be shared with Festival volunteers, particularly in regards to the
processes and procedures that will be followed in the event someone who
attends Festival contracts COVID.

The size and infrastructure of Festival will be based on booking numbers at
the end of February. This may mean equipment hire, including campsite
portaloos, may not be feasible. People impacted by this will be contacted
at that time by the Festival Stewarding Team.

As the Festival Stewards have already mentioned, we have also reduced our
numbers cap to 600 people. This is to help with our COVID Response.

The Festival Stewards have also recently communicated that we will be
operating a cash-less Gate, with Square readers being available for
contactless payment.

Looking forward to seeing you at Festival! It is, after all, only 2 weeks

Yours in Service, and on behalf of the Festival Steward Master Crispin Sexi,

Jean-Christophe le Saussier
Rowany Seneschal.

January 31st
1) We’re operating a cash-free gate this year. Please book and pre-pay electronically. We will also have Square at the gate for credit cards for the few people who have not pre-paid.
2) As part of the covid-19 measures we are reducing the maximum attendance for the event to 600 people.
3) If you would like to teach an class, please contact the A&S Officer at and let her know the title and description of the class and any requirements.
4) If you would like to run an activity at Festival or volunteer for a position on the stewarding team, please contact the steward at See the Festival Website Contacts page for open positions.
5) Market day merchants can book a table using the online booking form on the Festival website. Please make sure to list what you are selling so we can mention your stall on the website. Email if you have any questions on merchanting.
6) Book now! First price rise is only two weeks away…