Rowany Festival


Hark to those who travel from afar

To the lands on which we gather

To laugh and feast, to fight, art, and dream

And join together upon Rowany’s fields.

Wolfram, von Eschenbach: Parzifal, Titurel und Tagelieder - BSB Cgm 19

Come join in the adventure that is Rowany Festival where we gather to fight, cheer, art, science, create, wait, run, hit, chat and enjoy our community.


You have been patiently waiting for it… and here it is!

The draft timetable for Rowany Festival is now live.

The timetable shows the main activities for Festival including:

  • Opening and Closing Court
  • Heraldic Melee
  • Auction Night and Combat Tourneys
  • War times
  • Market
  • Laurel Prize.

Rowany Festival 2024 dates

Rowany Festival 2024 will be held from:

Start: Sunday 14th April (from 9am for set-up)

Event open: Opening Court – Wednesday 17th April

Event close: Closing Court – Monday 22nd April

End: Tuesday 23rd April (pack-down by 12 noon)

Information about timetable and activities will be available closer to the event.