imagesCA68AEH8Rowany Festival is the largest event in the Kingdom of Lochac, in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and is hosted by the Barony of Rowany every year.

Rowany Festival AS 52 (2018) will be heldĀ at Camp Wombaroo, 162 Black Spring Rd, High Range (Map); the Stewards for 2019 are Mistress Elena le Breustere, Mistress Collette de Harcourt, and Baroness Aeschine of Arran.

Rowany Festival 2019 will officially begin on Wednesday April 17 2019 and close Monday April 22 2019.

Current provisional timetable is available at the timetable page.

Steward Announcements are on the Lochac email list, Facebook, and at the Steward Announcements page.

We are currently seeking volunteers for various tasks check out the Volunteering Page for details.

If you have any offers of help, challenges you’ve identified in previous years, or suggestions for Festival 2019, email them to; post them on the Facebook group “Rowany Festival Discussion”; or contact the stewards privately.

Information about the 2019 Festival Token can be found here .