Arts and Sciences

Rowany Festival is full of opportunities to enjoy the Arts and Sciences, whether you’re a dedicated artisan or you just spotted something interesting you’d like to try. This year’s schedule is still in development, but there are already some great activities on the list. Watch this space for updates, and if you want to organise an A&S activity, get in touch!



The Festival timetable is always full of classes on a wide range of A&S topics as well as SCA culture, service skills, and more. If you would like to run a class, please fill out the survey at : Google Forms Class Survey here.


All classes must be submitted by 13th  of March to ensure a place on the timetable, with classes submitted before the 14th of February given priority for scheduling and venue requests. Late submissions will continue to be accepted until the 13th of March, but their inclusion in the schedule will depend on the time slots available.


Competitions and Displays


Laurel Prize: Saturday 18th April, 1-2pm (Laurels only); 2-4pm (Open)- Great Hall

Every year, Rowany Festival hosts Laurel Prize, an opportunity for all comers to display their A&S work and receive feedback from members of the Order of the Laurel. Check out for more information about the display.


Festival Costuming Competition: Capsule Wardrobe: TBC

In the fourth year of the annual Festival costuming competition, the challenge is ‘a capsule wardrobe’. Entrants are asked to gather a wardrobe of multiple coordinating items from a single time and place, with categories for beginner, intermediate, and experienced costumers. Check out: (TBC: ) for more information about the format and how to enter.


Guild Activities: TBC

Guild Exhibition: TBC (Lochac Worshipful Company of Broderers)

Guild Meetings: TBC

The Festival timetable traditionally includes meetings for many of Lochac’s guilds, where guild members can discuss their shared interests and plan group endeavors. If your guild would like to meet at Festival, please contact me to make sure you’re on the list.


Yours in Service,

Altani Khaligu Bekhi

Rowany Festival Timetable Officer 2020