Please note, the below is from 2014.  Stay tuned for updates for 2015 Rowany Festival to come soon!


Welcome to the final update of the Merchant’s Page!

We are now soooo close to Festival, that there simply isn’t time for further updates. I hope that you have found the merchant information useful – and that you have a large shopping list! I know I have…

Please note, the details in the tables below are current as at 7 April 2014, and may be subject to change. If you are missing from these tables or have more information to provide (or I’ve made a mistake and left something out!), please contact me ASAP at

Who are they? What are the wonderful things they are bringing? Where can I get a sneak peek at their fabulous wares?
Anna’s Apothecary In the evenings, you will find this small, intimate cocktail and   wine bar providing you with a peaceful atmosphere. You shall find a quality   establishment using only quality ingredients so that the gentle folk of Festival   may find a quiet corner to ease their afflictions and sundry disease
Blue Moon Archery Archery equipment, leatherwork,   knives and jewellery (charms, bracelets, pendants etc) 
Colonial Lake Books Books, fabulous books!
Contarina Casagrande Makers of   Haute Couture and off the rack Medieval and   Renaissance clothing, hats and accessories. Procurers and makers of fine   Medieval and Renaissance luxuries such as pewter goods and jewellery  
Elizabeth LaChatte Remedial Massage Therapist
Elizabet’s Handspun Handspun   wool and silk embroidery threads, handspun yarn, spinning equipment, spindles,   niddy noddys, swifts and fleeces, from a variety of white and coloured breeds   of sheep, buttons, hooks, buckles etc!
Esford Pty Ltd Armory, drinking horns and leather goods 
Flaming Gargoyle Amazing pottery, as used by many of the populace of Lochac! Facebook: Flaming Gargoyle Pottery 
Floating Coffee Bar COFFEE!!! Need I say more?
Golden Gryphon Snacks and lunch foods, Yseult’s Famous Cordials, candles,   hand-spun thread, and reproduction Books of Hours 
Heilwich’s Hosen Heilwich will be selling hosen, helm liners, feathers and   baskets, as well as a range of selected items from Medieval Fight Club   including, armour, feasting gear and cloak pins.
Inner Spirals Metal acid etched Viking and Celtic Jewellery
Jean the Hornmaster Items both beautiful and functional – knives, drinking horns and   other accessories 


JJ Francis Blacksmith and Armoury Combat armour, swords, knives & camp gear, with working forge.
Lion’s Den Providing   sweets, treats, tea, coffee and much more. Also   hosting a treasure trove of items from feasting kits to craft supplies, from   games to toys and so much more. Will you enter the lions den and discover   what you seek?  
Lucan Von Aych Period recipe-based (and modern)   perfumes, body butters and body oils made with all-natural, non-toxic   ingredients.
Mainly Medieval Research books, facsimiles of extant as well as modern texts,   &
Re-enactment high-end later period treen, domestic flat and hollow ware,   small items such as cards, dice and games; facsimile jewellery, sewing items,   coins and some apothecary items.
Maureen the Viking Hand made leather goods, Viking wire weaving, chain mail jewellery, horn cloak and hairpins,   and bone carvings.
Michael Nakone Beautifully crafted wood and leather goods Facebook: Shayrebel
Milords Merchants We sell Fine Celtic &   Medieval Pewter Pendants and Charms, along with Candle Lanterns, and some   period pouches. 


Oak Embroidery Embroidery, garments and fabric. Mmm, fabric…
Sign of the Lambtree Fine braids and trims, beads and   jewellery bits, board games and cards, outdoor games, kites, period music and   musical instruments, dolls, puppets and other toys
Pocket Money Purchases (under $5), period artefacts, 500-1200 years old. 
Sir Yves La Chat Period   knives, swords & some jewelery
Toni Larson Remedial Massage Therapist
William Lincoln 16th C and 17th C armour, helmets, and   swords
Ye Olde Bizarre Jams, pickles, clothing, lengths of fabric, jewellery, woollen inkle and kumihimo braids, white   ostrich feathers for hats/fans, quill feathers, and other decorative   feathers.


But wait, there’s more! The following gentles have indicated that they have fine goods for sale on Market Day.


Who are they? What are the wonderful things they are bringing? Where can I get a sneak peek at their fabulous wares?
Angus the Barbarian Gemstones of fabulous quality
Seger Boom Selling seeds of Medieval herbs and dye plants, some books and   probably other bits and pieces. 
Seth Callaghan Custom pouches and heraldic patches while-u-wait, Fine Silver   Jewelery, Custom heraldic and tournament shields.
Honore Corbaut Haberdashery (ribbon, braids, trim, notions) , some fabric bits   and pieces and some garb (not much).
Dufniall Viga-inn rammi Rabbits feet , tails and fur
Eleanora de la birche Selling lengths of wool, linen and silk cloth, also a few   clothes – pants, hoods, hats, etc and some buckles.
Elvira and Bethany with Elvira’s Emporium and Medieval Attachments Providing a range of gemstone and amber beads, jewellery items,   fabric, furs, fans, lacing rings and cloak clasps to meet your varied costume   needs.
Emlyn’s Adornments Accessories and recreation recycled jewellery
Gab’s Fighting Accessories Rattan and   fighting accessories
Lilya bint   Hizir A raffle to   support the kingdom funds.
Antonia di Lorenzo Scribal and household needs
Lue Pottery Pottery for every table
Lavender Kirby Small handmade items, jewellery and beads
Monique de la Maison Rouge  Fabric,   braid, jewellery findings, beads and bibs and bobs that are in need of wonderful   new homes
Odds n Sods Selling clasps, jewellery, snoods, trim and braid, plus many   other garb and persona accoutrements 
Padraig Lowther’s Discount Emporium Buttons,   feathers, embroidery pearls and other costuming oddments
Mistress   Rowan Peregrynne Peerage   Chains (SF links, Knight, Pelican, Laurel and Rose links) in pewter, silver and   gold
Dorte Planert Medieval   jewellery, drinking horns, hand-bound leather books, olive wood bowls and ladles.
The Stillroom of di Lucignano and de Lyon Fine perfumes, ointments, spices and dyestuffs (and shhh…   cosmetics!) NOTE – if you have previously bought perfumes and wish to have   your bottle refilled, please email the merchant co-ordinator at
Steven Lyons Feasting   gear, some leatherwork and metalwork, possibly some clothing
Mistress Kiriel du Papillon Fabulous feastware, including very fine glassware, accessories,   jewellery, and as recently updated, fabulous pearls! Facebook: Kiriel’s crafts
Crispin Sexi Handmade pouches, books, music and toys
Seadragon Metalcraft Swords, knives and jewellery Facebook: Seadragon Metal
The Rowany Merchandise Table Must have collectable, ahem, “short and stretchy t-tunics”,   tea-towels etc.


Bookings for Greesispoone

have now finished.

I hope that you booked,

and you won’t be famished.

If you wish to drown your sorrows because you’ve missed out on Libby’s famous pickled eggs, there is the Sally Bint Tavern. It’s where you will always find drink, entertainment and companionship, and various traditional festival events, such as the Fighter Auction.

Please remember that the Tavern has put a shout out for musicians interested in providing background music to accompany the hubble and bubble of the tavern. If you are interested in providing your services, please contact Laela or meet her in the tavern early in the event.

A reminder to those who wish to sell food at Festival you will need to have a HACCP certificate, and must also notify the NSW Food Authority. If you do not have a certificate for safe food handling and a copy of the notification confirmation with you, you will not be allowed to sell food.

You can notify the NSW Food Authority via the link below:

Thinking of selling some goods at the Saturday market but not sure that you have enough for a full table? There are a couple of people in the same position. Please email me at as there may be some scope for setting up a combined stall if we get enough people interested in putting a few bits together (and please let me know if you’re interested in volunteering to be the person running it).

As with all, if you have any queries, please contact myself at, yes, that email again:


Aleinya Thrakesina