A “Capsule Wardrobe” for Rowany Festival

Lochac’s Ultimate Food ‘Fight’

Declaration Procession

1) A “Capsule Wardrobe” for Rowany Festival

One of the joys of the SCA is being able to pick and choose a time and place in history to suit your style and interest, and maybe to have a different one every day (shout out to the three lovely St Floz women who have this down to an artform). However, there is also the other end of the SCA scale, choosing a single time and place and doing it well.

This competition is for the second type of person, and is inspired by Mistress Elayne Montjoye’s contribution to last Festival’s costume forum. It’s also inspired by extant inventories which show that most people didn’t have a large wardrobe, but instead had a functional one with a few items that were worn regularly, some warm items and a “good” item, and underwear that was frequently cleaned.

The intent of this competition is to encourage people to fill in gaps in their Festival wardrobe, as well as inspire research into how a complete outfit for a chosen time and place would look.


The Challenge:

Have a capsule wardrobe for a specific time and place, ready by Festival.

REGISTER TO TAKE PART here: https://goo.gl/forms/uFsnmJUAehMFHW3k2
This is only to get a sense of numbers and so we can put people into a sensible order for viewers. You can still turn up on the day and enter if you’re not sure OR you can put your name down now and then pull out on the day. It’s all OK.

The Rules:

  1. You must have items that meet the criteria of one of three categories (see below). These categories are set out as a sliding scale depending on your experience.
  2. Your ‘wardrobe’ must be from a single time and place. You decide what time and what place and you tell us why that “time” is a single time (i.e. in some eras 50 years is a “time” whilst in others 10 years is a “time”)
  3. At least two items must have been made since the previous Festival
  4. You must be wearing one of the outfits as part of the demonstration


The Categories:

Beginner: for someone who’s attending their second Festival with 1-3 years sewing experience
You can dress for 2 days of Festival portraying your chosen time and place. 2 items of clothing must be in both outfits. No restrictions on fabric or technique (although you can do this, of course)

Intermediate: for someone who’s attending their third – sixth Festival, with 3-5 years sewing experience
You can dress for 3 days of Festival, portraying your chosen time and place, one of the options must be your “Sunday best”/”going to court” clothes. You also need a keeping warm option. Period appropriate fabrics are required (see ‘Mythbusting’ below for use of brocades & velvets). 3 items of clothing must be re-used in other outfits

Experienced: for people who’ve been Festival attending for quite a while, and want to push themselves
All of the intermediate requirements. Also correct shoes & hose, and period techniques must be applied to all visible seams and finishes


The winner in each category will be determined based on:

  1. Overall completeness of outfit – including underwear, headwear, layers, shoes. Level of experience as per rule one will be taken into account
  2. explanation of time and place and social class
  3. looking “right”, including colour choices
  4. documentation provided – Only primary sources are required, e.g. pictures, lists of inventory items. Secondary sources (such as someone else’s research) are also fine, but should be complemented by some pictures you have found. There is no need to write a research paper (unless you want to).



  • You don’t need to make the items yourself. You can buy/commission them, but please give credit if you do this.
  • Documentation requirements are light on, but we will expect you to talk to the crowd about what you are wearing and your choices, as well as answer (nice, interested) questions – you won’t be grilled. The purpose of this form and level of documentation is to share information and enthusiasm.
  • You can ask someone to be your spokesperson if you are nervous speaking in front of a crowd. They can explain your outfits and choices.
  • You can dress someone else (e.g. your child, a friend, family member) and have them as your model while the outfits are explained.
  • Brocades and velvets can be synthetic or cotton. In period these fabrics were made from silk, but that can be prohibitively expensive to work with. Just make sure that your choice of synthetic or cotton looks and behaves similarly to the period equivalent (hint: don’t go for panne velvet).


2) You wanna pizza me? Lochac’s Ultimate Food ‘Fight!’

Unto the populace of Lochac does Mistress Anne de Tournai and the providores of Politarchopolis issue forth a challenge!

Bring forth your most plenteous platters, your most bountiful breads, your most creative condiments, your most succulent small goods, your most cultured cheeses and precious preserves! We claim we are the Barony that knows no culinary equal and dare any other group in Lochac to make our tables groan! Know Food! Slow Food! We make it so food!

Bring your entry and documentation and a contribution to Lochac’s Ultimate Hamper with the winner chosen by popular acclaim, taking away the hamper and winning the coveted prize of Taillevent’s Toque*

So bring your most outrageous rillettes, saucy sausages, cheeky cheeses, delicious doughnuts, sexy sauces and marvellous mustards! Let Lochac’s horn of plenty rain forth!

Our appetites stand ready! Only our stomachs may fail! Politarchopolis challenges all!!!

Eat, eat you are all too thin!

Details for the timing at Festival will be provided closer to the event.
*Unlikely to be Taillevent’s actual toque.

Rules: The Food Fight (please note, not an actual food fight) will work as a token tournament. Combatants will receive 5 tokens and Consumers (those turning up to eat delicious things) will receive 2 tokens.

Your entry should be made by you from scratch. You can submit a condiment, preserved food (pickles, jams, chutney etc.), small goods, cheeses, confectionery, breads. If you would like to submit an item and want to check, please contact Anne (detournais@gmail.com) It should be an item that was eaten in period. (Period recipe or interpreted recipe based on assumptions as not all items have extant recipes. It would be great to put together a book of recipes from the entries so please bring along a copy.)

Enter an individual item or work with others to create a platter. You may enter more than one item.

Each contestant should bring a small contribution for the prize hamper. Remember people are travelling and there may be size restrictions so some great ideas might be spices, seasonings, napkins etc.

The Hamper will be awarded at the end of the fight to the person who receives the greatest number of tokens. Taillevent’s Toque will be awarded in final court. (Bragging rights go to the home group of that person).

3) Declaration Procession

This year’s Rowany Festival, there will be a Grand Procession and Declarations on Thursday 13th April, followed by Declaration Tourneys for both heavy and rapier.

Therefore, all Baronies, Households, Shires, and Companies, are invited (nay, encouraged!) to strive in the heraldic display, to enter the challenge and bring banners and display so as to represent yourselves at your finest.

I have heard of one household preparing a Viking figurehead for the procession, and I have heard whispers from other groups of various plans for display.

The challenge is laid down! Who will present the most finely, and receive the prize from Their Majesties’ hands?

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the opportunity, now is your time!