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Rowany Festival takes the hard work of many people to run successfully. Each year, Stewards step up to take on the challenge. They are ably assisted by others who manage specific facets of the organisation on behalf of the Stewards. (If you see a position vacant that you think you could fill, contact the stewarding team!)

Contacts for Rowany Festival 2019 (as at 22 March 2019)

Position Person Contact
Stewards: Mistress Elena le Breustere
Mistress Collette de Harcourt
Baroness Aeschine of Arran
Set up team: Vandal
Camp Allocations & Mapping: Ant Blowme of St Cloud
Bookings: Sláine inghean Uí Ruadháin
Timetable: Altani Khalighu Bekhi
A&S: Lady Gwen verch David
Deputy – Lady Anna von der Ron
Onsite Heralding
Heralds Collective – – Liaison Adeliz
Bome Shell Harald:
Onsite Reporting
Ceara Shionnach
Information Point: Annys Blodwell
Marshal in Charge: Titus Quintilius Calidus
Heavy Marshal: Sir Alain Quatier.
Rapier Marshal: Jude Aleksandr Donetsk
Archery Marshal: Ulric of Ambledune
Equestrian Marshal: Linda Dicmanis
Lists: Mairi of Kilmarnock
Gate: Amelia de la Mere
Children’s Activities (Boffer): Felicia ad aquam
Tavern: Isabella di Millefiora
Chirurgeon: and St John’s Liaison: Jayne Hunter
Bunkhouse Coordinator: Marozia moglie di Basilio Bracciolini
Merchant Coordinator: Anna von der Ron
Annunciator and Website Coordinator: Jean-Christophe le Saussier Actually in charge
Maximilian von Monsterberg Apprentice Scribe
Paladins Pantry Victoria Thrakesis
Tokens (Festival/Thank-Yous):
Bardic Coordinator:
Recycling: No team Ibis this year. 🙁
Dance Coordinator:
Volunteer Coordinator:
Constable: Amos Ironbeard
Fighter Auction Auctioneer
Transport Coordinator: Torcail mac Leod mhic Iomhair
Equipment Hire: Skarp-Heðin Sverðvarpnir
Asset Coordinator (containers):
Night Time Entertainement:  Annys Blodwell

Need Further Help?

If you believe there is something the Stewarding Team cannot resolve for you, or if you wish to make a complaint, please email the Seneschal for the Barony of Rowany. You can also use this form to send the email for you.