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Rowany Festival takes the hard work of many people to run successfully. Each year, Stewards step up to take on the challenge. They are ably assisted by others who manage specific facets of the organisation on behalf of the Stewards. (If you see a position vacant that you think you could fill, contact the stewarding team!)

Contacts for Rowany Festival 2017 (as at 7 Feb 2017)

Duty Name Contact
Site setup and packdown
Vandel Lynchea (Rohan Davies)
Co-Steward Andrew Daniels of Brockwood
Deputies; website Helene du Puy;
Bethan Daniels of Brockwood
Land (and Water) Ant of Saint Cloud
Bunkroom Coordinator Torfa svell fara
Waste Coordinator Philippa Wildefuhel
Bookings and Annunciator (advertising and general communications) Ceara Shionnach
Lifts Co-ordinator/Shuttle Maximilian von Monsterburg
Timetabling Altani Khaligu
Handbook Jude Bryant
Chirurgeon Clara Bone Aventure (and Ysabel Norrice)
Constable Hanbal and Macca
Gate Declan of Drogheda
Herald Annys Blodwell
Lists Elizabeth de Foxle
Volunteer Support Anne de Tournais
Arts and Sciences Aeron L’asair
Marshal in Charge Rowland Bridgeford
Archery Marshal Angele de Savigny (and the Lochac Company of Archers)
Rapier Marshal Raegan of Lunihawk
Equestrian marshal Emelye Ryder
Children’s Boffer Gavriil Slotkovich
Merchant Coordinator Marozia Moglie di Basilio Bracci
Schola Ginevra Lucia di Namoraza
Chamberlain to the Crown Anna von der Ron
Collegiate Campsite Contact Dominico Fernando DePontferrada
Greesispoone/Soup Kitchen Monique de la Maison Rouge
Pageantry Plans and Projects Gabriel van Dorne
Pageantry on Village Green Gabriel van Dorne
Courtly Music Recital Gwen verch David

Need Further Help?

If you believe there is something the Stewarding Team cannot resolve for you, or if you wish to make a complaint, please email the Seneschal for the Barony of Rowany. You can also use this form to send the email for you.