Welcome to the newly updated Merchant’s Page!

Please note, the details in the tables below are current as at the 8th April 2017, and may be subject to change. If you are missing from these tables or have more information to provide (or I’ve made a mistake and left something out!), please contact rowanymerchants@gmail.com ASAP.

Permanent Merchants

Who are they? What are the wonderful things they are bringing? Where can I get a sneak peek at their fabulous wares?
Salandal Aromatherapy Ancient remedies for the modern world. We offer Aromatic massages to help with stress, energy levels and overall wellness. Come in and enjoy the experience. We will also have some aromatics for sale.
Colonial Lake Books Colonial Lake Books Purveyor of Fine Literature in the Arts & Sciences, Braiding, Cookery, Dyeing, Fibrecraft, Fighting Skills, Garb, General Reference, Needlecraft, Songs, Spinning & Weaving. http://www.coloniallakebooks.com.au/
Pat the Weaver (Sydney Ancients) Handwoven shawls, blankets and cloaks. Viking fur trimmed hats, handwoven, felted slippers, naalbound socks. New this year: organic beeswax candles, handmade soaps and botanical balms, salves and creams.
Longbranch Re-enactment Long Branch Re-enactment stocks high quality Viking Age goods, from crafting supplies to replica jewellery, a significant amount of which is hand made with replica tools. www.longbranchreenactment.com
Shayrebel (MoG) Leather goods, including the world-famous newbie kits
Medieval Shoppe Weapons, armour, clothing, medieval items http://www.medievalshoppe.com.au/
Armstreet Australia Internationally acclaimed

medieval brand ArmStreet is

coming to Australia! Medieval

costumes, functional armour,

footwear and accessories.

medieval costumes, fantasy

costumes, theatrical costumes,

movie costumes, functional

medieval armor, fantasy armor,

belts, medieval bags, medieval

accessories, fantasy

accessories, medieval camping


Medieval Emporium Material, bags, cover-ups for mundane items, buttons, second hand books, baskets
Elvira’s Emporium Elvira’s Emporium will be back again with their range of gemstone pretties, jewellery, silk fabric, accessories and now with beautifully soft yak wool blankets (perfect as a cloak, wrap or blanket – super light and warm!). Something to suit everyone from leg wraps and Viking strands to pater nostas and Durer style necklaces. Pretties for your hair with replica hair sticks of horn, bone, and silver plate, and pretties for your fingers with sterling silver rings. Check out the facebook page for updates and pre-order opportunities. www.facebook.com/Elviras.Emporium
Esford Swords and Amoury Armory, drinking horns and leather goods  http://www.esford.com/
Medieval Attachments Medieval Attachments are excited about being a permanent merchant at Festival this year. As usual we have Trefoil brooches, Tortoise brooches to decorate your apron dresses. We will also be selling replica buttons (The Eleanor del Toledo buttons) , replica jewellery, cloak clasps, lacing rings, veil pins and much more. www.facebook.com/medievalattachments/
Elisabet’s Handspun We will be selling wool, fibre spinning equipment, buttons, lace and braid. Also providing a space for people to come sit and share fibre crafts
Coffee Cart Merlin and Janet, the charismatic owners and operators of the ever-popular Alchemy coffee van, will be on site selling barista made coffees, hot chocolates and teas for all your caffeine desires.
Black Squirrel Feastware High quality, Medieval-inspired food-safe pottery for the feast table by Mistress Madelaine de Bourgogne. https://www.facebook.com/Black-Squirrel-Feastware-194842290546322/
Golden Gryphon Cordials, snacks and lunch items.
Emlyn’s Adornments Craft affordable, attractive SCA accessories and jewellery from a mixture of recycled and re purposed materials and goods. From hats, hoods and veils to jewels and brooches, we will provide the perfect finishing touches to your garb. We also craft personalised heraldic parasols and take orders for personalised items of all kinds. Our prices are fair and our craftsmanship superb. So go on. Adorn Thy Self. https://www.facebook.com/Emlyns-Adornments-836851516332163/
Flaming Gargoyle Pottery Full range of medieval reproduction pottery. https://www.facebook.com/FlamingGargoylePottery/
Ye Olde Bowyer Professional Boyer creating handmade, Australian made bows
Kiriel du Papillon Kiriel’s emporium of delicious and decorate delights provides a panoramic picture of the pulchritunious and picturesque. Find the finest gems, geegaws, gizmos and gay gifts. There is something for everyone. For those of more limited budget there is a huge selection of fans, lacing rings, parasols, rings, chains, earrings, beads, books and more at outrageously reasonable prices. For the more sophisticated palate, I also stock an exclusive selection of limited edition reproduction objects (including prints of illuminations), glassware as well as a few genuine Viking and Roman pieces – not reproductions – the real things! https://www.facebook.com/Kirielscrafts/
Tim the Woodworker and Bart the Blaggard Stools, chairs, kitchen ware, kubb, pipes, bookmarks. Also workshops where participants will get to personalise a hand made “Imaginary Adventure tool”. Some of the other things we make are “Castle on the hill”, “Surprise Puzzle”
The Leura Bodger Pole lathe display and greenwood products

Market Day Stalls

Who are they? What are the wonderful things they are bringing? Where can I get a sneak peek at their fabulous wares?
Jacques Jenkins I herald the return of Lochac’s unofficial ‘pin-up’ calendar brought to you by the College of St. Basil the Great! Featuring many important historical dates, dates for quarterly reports for officers and starts in May – the start of the SCA year. Each month you will be treated with a fresh spread  from the collegians of the western shores from in and around the university of WA’s campus. Price ~$10 TBC  Email jacques.jenkins@student.curtin.edu.au 
Martin & Dorte Planert Highly polished Viking Drinking Horns,rustic Rams Horns, Horn spoons, Horn hair pins, horn buttons, shoehorns, horn combs, hand-bound Leatherbooks with authentic stamps and design from 9th to 16th century with acid-free Fabriano Art Paper, hand-marbled 1st and last page, hand-made by Italian book restorer, who has done some restoration for the Vatican, Medieval Jewellery, Celtic, Gothic, Byzantian, Ancient Egypt, unique ladles carved from olive branches  
Honore’s Little Shoppe Margo Anderson’s patterns  
Þorfinn Semi-precious beads  
Mainly Medieval A large range of pamphlets regarding medieval life, culture, art, and crafts. We will also be selling a range of re-enactor goods including jewelry, pewter badges, spoons, linen napkins and towels, combs, games, sewing and dress accessories and knives.  http://www.mainlymedieval.com/
Ranif Pallesser Stoneware pottery using glazes of the Jian, Sung, Yuan & Ming dynasties. http://www.luepottery.hwy.com.au/
Andrew McKenna Fur pelts  
Thorbjorn Svifnhorni Wooden items
Lady Mairi of Kilravock    
Faemorgaine Leather  Leather clothing and accessorries   http://www.faemorgaineleather.com.au/ 
Hawk’s Volga Bazaar The finest of Viking fashions, belts and bling. We stock linen shirts, dresses, under dresses, and some top quality woollen costumes. A variety of viking leather and brass belts and bling,  Featuring some exceptional 14/15th belts, some suitable as dress belts for Knights.  
Hugh Fortesmains 3D-printed blunts   https://www.facebook.com/Mapley3D/
Eloise Darnell Festival T-Shirts
Giacamo del Castilo
Phoenix Medieval Crations – Aluina del Greneoke The famous Dimitrii Hats and used garb   https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixMedieval/
Benedict of York Hand-crafted jewellery  https://www.facebook.com/bloodandironjewellery/
Rodrigo de Burgos    
Mathias von Massenbach Assorted arms and costume pieces 
Gottmark Emporium: Master Iarnulfr Thorolffsson and Mistress Aliena de Savigny Fine wool from Darton, and rare bone carvings on behalf of the estate of the late Lughaid mac Aonghuis Dhuibh of Southron Gaard.  
 Aeschine of Arran Selling a selection of small hand-sewn items and bric-a-brac  
 Llywelyn Penbras Tablet weaving looms, hedeby bag handles, playing cards  
 eleanora de la birche Wool, silk, linen – by the metre  
 Padraig Lowther Beads, pearls, feathers and buttons  
 Steina Silfursmithr Hand-forged pennanular brooches, based on original artefacts from the Bronze Age, Roman, Viking and Early Medieval periods. Brooches small and large, in your choice of sterling silver or polished brass. The perfect addition to any early period wardrobe. Commissions and special orders also taken for brooches, rings, arm rings, torcs, and other items.  https://www.facebook.com/Steina-Silfursmithr-1767890600193866/
 Mark Ottignon    
 Jean The Hornmaster
Items both beautiful and functional – knives, drinking horns and other accessories
 William Blackwood Merchandise related to the Lochac Royal Guild of Defence, including cloth woven Guild Badges, a few T-shirts baring the Guild Device and copies of my I33 fencing manual  
 Ulfar Hausakljufr
ULFAR Beard Oil – Tame that WILD scruff on your chin.
High quality hand pressed Beard Oils all hand made in Lochac. 5 varieties named: Protection, Gateway, Worrier, Harvest and Crusader. Also hand carved ox horn combs.
Gabriel de Beaumont    
 Yseult de Lacy Hand-bound reproduction medieval books,  LED lights in wax shells, and more.  
Ledwick Your favourite feasting hall no longer allows flames? Our flickering, golden-flamed LED taper candles are a perfect substitute. User-replaceable AAA batteries (included) are good for 500+ hours of lighting  
 Anthony Craft     
 Zoe Woodard    
 Kit Hackforth Knives, ironwork and fencing gear  
Steel Embassy    
 Maelmuire ingen Alpin Recreation jewellery throughout the ages. Notable this year: Elizabethan pearl earrings and Viking amber pendants