Festival is a fantastic event to get a taste for everything we do, but if you’ve never been before it can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s the most important things to know:

  • Festival is a camping event. If you’re planning on staying overnight rather than day-tripping, you’ll need to bring camping equipment. The campsites are pre-allocated, so if you haven’t made arrangements to camp with any particular group, pay attention to where you’re told to go when you arrive
  • Festival is non-catered. There is drinking water freely available, and there are food and drink merchants, but you will either need to bring your own food, or money to buy it with. Either way, you will need a bowl, a cup, and a spoon to eat said food with
  • There are limited bathing facilities for campers. The showers are restricted to those in the dorms, young children with their parents, and those with disabilities, EXCEPT during the hours of 6-8am and 6-8pm, when everyone can use them. During the rest of the day, campers are welcome to use the swimming hole, as long as they wear clothing suitable for mixed company
  • The toilets available to campers are portaloos. Some portaloos have been hired by specific campsites – if they are not in a public, unfenced area, assume they are off-limits
  • All rubbish should be deposited in the big skips near the hall. You’ll need something to collect any rubbish at your campsite for disposal
  • You will need torches or lanterns at night. Avoid very bright white LED torches, and do NOT use any candles inside tents
  • First aid is available on site from SCA chirurgeons and St Johns Ambulance volunteers, but they are not doctors. Bring your usual medication, bring a first aid kit for minor injuries, bring your medicare card in case you need off-site medical help, and be nice to our volunteers. Between 9am and 5pm, first aid is available to all at the Village Green; outside those hours, the officers on call are only available for emergencies
  • While there are children’s activities throughout the event, there are no childcare facilities – YOU are responsible for the supervision of your children at all times. Please read the Child Safety Rules in advance
  • Heralds make announcements three times a day with important information. Court is also held every day, and there is often information shared there as well. If you don’t know something, ask at the Officers’ Tent on the Village Green
  • For the safety of everyone at Festival, please read the Site Rules and abide by them


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