2017 Site Rules for Rowany Festival

Please remember that the guiding principles of the Society are chivalry and courtesy to all. Camp Wombaroo is a private property, with the right to refuse entry without cause of any kind. Violation of the following rules may result in expulsion from the site without refund or result in a fine. You will be required to sign an agreement stating that you have read and understood these rules and will abide by them before entering the site.



Anything against the criminal code of NSW is prohibited at Festival.

Do not bring illicit drugs of any kind.

Crossbows are illegal in NSW. Don’t bring them.

Merchants must have any permits required by law and/or regulation to sell their wares.  This includes food vendors.

No-one may sell alcoholic beverages without the proper license.

Providing alcohol to minors is an offense. Do not do it or you will be asked to leave.


General Rules

Please obey all directions from the Stewards, Constables and Marshals.

The token given to you at the gate must be carried and displayed at all times; it must also be shown at the gate for re-entry.

Certain tokens will define your length of stay on site. Day trippers must ensure they carry and display their day token.  

Anyone coming on site must make an attempt at pre-17th Century historical costume at all times outside of their tent. As much as possible this rule should apply to all aspects of your camping as well.

Any members of the media must make prior arrangements with the Festival Stewards. Any media persons arriving and hoping to report from Festival without having made prior arrangements will not be permitted on site.

There are no animals allowed on-site – this includes horses unless by prior arrangement.

Children are the responsibility of their parent or guardian. Please read the Parental Supervision Guidelines and Parent/Carer Code of Conduct. Children under 7 must be clearly identified with their name, campsite and adult responsible for them. A token for this will be available at the Sign-In Tent. The parent or guardian of any child found without this identification will be warned once and then asked to leave if it occurs again.

Campsite areas must be kept clean – we are the SCA and we leave areas cleaner than we found them!

All guy ropes must be marked with white material to avoid accidents.

No powerful electric light sources (e.g. Coleman lanterns) may be used outside or in public areas.

Smoking of filtered cigarettes is not permitted on site. Pipes, cigars and unfiltered cigarettes are permitted.

The powerpoints in the hall are not for personal use. The wiring is poor and the kitchen’s fuses keep blowing.

When swimming, please wear what is safe, comfortable, and suitable for mixed company and children. A period appearance is good, but not required. Some kind of clothing is required.


Waste/Water Rules

Please follow the instructions of the Stewarding Team in regard to rubbish disposal.

Chemical toilets are NOT to be emptied on-site.

Soak pits must not be dug for wastewater disposal. Wombaroo supplies waste water points around the site.

Showers can drain onto the grass as long as (perforated) matting is down to prevent mud forming and to protect the grass. Showers must not drain into other campsites or onto public spaces.

Shower Zones accessible to all (marked on the campsite map) have been provided for campsites unable to meet the above requirements. Matting will still need to be provided for showers set up in this area. Showers cannot be set up in bush areas, or any non-campsite area, other than the Shower Zones.

All other wastewater must be gathered in containers, strained if required, and disposed of at greywater drain sites, shown on the Campsite map as ‘Shower Zones’.


Fire Rules

All fires and flame sources must be attended. If your campsite has an unattended fire you will receive a fine of $50 or more. This includes lanterns and candles.

Campfires must be in a four (4) metre diameter cleared area, free from long grass, tents and overhanging trees. Only existing fire circles and braziers/above ground fire pits with appropriate protection for the ground may be used. NO pits/holes may be dug to accommodate fires.

All campsites must have a clear method for extinguishing their fire: A chemical fire extinguisher, multiple buckets of water or sand for each fire, or a fire blanket. If your fire precautions are not adequate you will be issued with a fine.

Firewood is available for purchase in the nearby towns. Please make arrangements to bring firewood on site.

Please be sensible with any flame powered device – cookers, candles etc. Keep your indoor cooking areas clear and safe, and never leave cooking unattended.

Please use care when disposing of tobacco ashes.

No flames are to be left unattended inside tents. This includes candles.


Car Rules

Motorised vehicles are only allowed to drive on site, using the clearly marked roadways, at 5km/h until 9am on Friday morning and after closing court on Monday evening. At no other times will a motorised vehicle be allowed on-site, except for medical emergencies or amenities management. St John Ambulance will coordinate emergency medical access. Cars must park on marked roads when unloading/loading, and never on grass.

There will be traffic lights on the dirt access road directing when you can drive onto and off site. The period of red will be set to allow people enough time to travel in the other direction. Obey the lights.

Car parking will be in the designated area.

Do not park in the spaces reserved for Royalty or the Steward, unless you are Royalty or the Steward.

Please adhere to the posted speed limits and drive on only specifically designated roads.

Loading zones provided near the sign-in tent are for short term parking only. You will be asked to move your vehicle if deemed necessary.